Jury Selection Begins in Trial Against Minot Man Charged with Manslaughter in Fatal Shooting

MINOT, ND – The trial for a Minot man charged with manslaughter and reckless endangerment in connection with a fatal shooting at a local venue is now underway. Travis McDermott, 40, is accused of shooting Greyson Sletto, 32, during an altercation at a concert last year. Despite claiming self-defense, McDermott was charged after surveillance footage from the venue contradicted his account.

The trial, which began with jury selection on Monday, is expected to continue until Friday. McDermott was initially arrested on an aggravated assault charge, but prosecutors later added a charge of manslaughter involving a dangerous weapon. The incident took place in the early morning hours of May 14, resulting in Sletto’s death.

According to court documents, McDermott and Sletto had exchanged words before the shooting occurred. McDermott alleges that Sletto reached for his firearm, leading him to brandish it in self-defense. However, evidence from surveillance video disputes McDermott’s version of events.

The prosecution seeks to prove that McDermott acted recklessly and without regard for human life, resulting in the death of Sletto. The defense, on the other hand, maintains that McDermott was justified in his actions due to the perceived threat he faced.

The outcome of this trial will determine the fate of McDermott, who faces serious charges and the potential for significant legal consequences. As the trial progresses, the prosecution and defense will present their cases, relying on evidence and witness testimonies to convince the jury of their respective arguments. Both sides will strive to provide a clear narrative of what transpired on that fateful night, as the truth behind the shooting at the local venue hangs in the balance.

Those closely following the trial will be looking for answers and seeking justice for Greyson Sletto and his family, while McDermott’s fate remains uncertain.