Court Begins Trial for Alleged Cult Leader ‘Natureboy’ Facing Mult Charges Including Rape and False Imprisonment

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Opening statements are set to commence on Thursday in the trial of Eligio Bishop, a self-proclaimed cult leader who is facing multiple charges including rape and false imprisonment. Bishop, also known as “Natureboy,” has been held without bond in DeKalb County Jail since his arrest in April 2022. A jury was selected for the trial on Wednesday.

Prosecutors allege that Bishop led a cult called the “Carbon Nation” group. One of his former cult members, who identified herself as his girlfriend, accused him of posting revenge porn after she left him. In police reports, the woman stated that she had joined a sex cult led by Bishop, and that he had shared explicit videos of her and himself on social media without her consent.

Bishop’s wife, who is a former cult member, disclosed to 11Alive that he had subjected cult members to both sexual and emotional abuse. Reports from the Costa Rican Star Newspaper reveal that the cult has been expelled from at least three Central American countries. The cult advocates for nudism, polygamy, and abstinence from bathing.

With tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube, Bishop had cultivated a substantial online presence where he referred to himself as “Th3 3God” and projected a messianic self-image. In July 2022, a grand jury indicted Bishop on charges of rape, false imprisonment, and the transmission of sexually explicit material.

The selection of potential jurors on Wednesday involved questioning on topics such as the delayed disclosure of sexual assault, experiences with controlling or dominant partners, and familiarity with Bishop through social media. Opening statements for the trial are scheduled to commence on Thursday at 9 a.m.

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