Courthouse Chaos: Nevada Judge Attacked in Violent Brawl During Felony Battery Case

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – A Nevada judge was physically assaulted during a courtroom incident involving a defendant in a felony battery case. The defendant, Deobra Delone Redden, leaped over a defense table and the judge’s bench, landing on top of Judge Mary Kay Holthus. The attack triggered a chaotic and violent brawl among court officials, attorneys, and witnesses. Although Judge Holthus sustained injuries from the incident, she did not require hospitalization.

The incident occurred at the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas around 11 a.m. In a video recording of the courtroom, Judge Holthus can be seen falling back from her seat against a wall. The courtroom marshal, who rushed to her aid, was also injured and hospitalized for treatment of a bleeding gash on his forehead and a dislocated shoulder.

Multiple court and jail officers, as well as courtroom staff members, intervened and wrestled Redden to the floor. Some individuals were filmed throwing punches during the altercation. Following the incident, Redden was arrested and incarcerated at the Clark County Detention Center. He now faces several new felony charges, including battery on a protected person, referring to the judge and court officers.

Redden’s defense attorney, Caesar Almase, did not respond to requests for comment. Richard Scow, the chief county district attorney who prosecuted Redden, expressed shock at how quickly the incident unfolded. Scow had previously worked on a case involving Redden, stemming from an arrest last year for allegedly attacking someone with a baseball bat.

Records show that Redden, a Las Vegas resident, underwent a mental competency evaluation and was found fit to stand trial. In November, he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of attempted battery causing substantial bodily harm. Redden has a prior conviction for domestic battery, for which he served prison time in Nevada.

During the court hearing preceding the assault, Redden, who was not in custody at the time, stood next to his attorney and requested leniency. He expressed the belief that he should not be sent to prison, but ultimately left the decision to the judge.

As the court marshal moved to handcuff Redden and the judge indicated that she intended to incarcerate him, Redden reacted angrily and charged forward, eliciting screams from others present in the courtroom.

Judge Holthus, a career prosecutor with over 27 years of courthouse experience, was elected to the state court bench in 2018 and reelected in 2022.

The Eighth Judicial District Court in Nevada issued a statement expressing concern for the safety of the judiciary, the public, and court employees. They are currently reviewing their protocols and implementing necessary measures to enhance protection.

To summarize, a Nevada judge was attacked by a defendant in a felony battery case. The defendant leaped over the judge’s bench, initiating a violent brawl involving court officials and attorneys. The judge and a courtroom marshal were injured during the incident but did not require hospitalization. The defendant has been arrested and faces multiple new felony charges. The court is reviewing its protocols to ensure the safety of all individuals involved.