Apple Fails to Succeed in Sanctioning Arendi’s Counsel and Witness in Ongoing Google Lawsuit

Wilmington, Delaware – Apple’s attempt to sanction the counsel and witness of Arendi S.A.R.L. has been denied by U.S. District Court Judge Jennifer L. Hall. Arendi S.A.R.L., a company involved in multiple patent lawsuits with Apple, Google, and Samsung, has an ongoing case against Google since 2013. Apple alleged that during the trial, Arendi’s counsel and witness disclosed confidential information. However, Judge Hall concluded that there was no evidence of disobedience or intentional harm on the part of Arendi’s representatives.

Apple had filed the motion for sanction in May, expressing concerns that its confidential information might be exposed during the trial. It is worth noting that Apple and Arendi had previously settled a separate lawsuit in September 2021 under a confidential agreement. Apple claimed that this confidentiality was breached during the Google case, as Arendi’s expert examination revealed certain data without requesting to seal the courtroom beforehand.

In response to Apple’s motion, Arendi argued that Apple’s request to seal the courtroom was puzzling and unjustifiably questioned the intention of Arendi’s counsel. Arendi stated that it had requested the closure of the courtroom twice when it anticipated questions that could lead to a discussion of Apple’s confidential information.

Judge Hall’s oral order, issued on December 28, rejected Apple’s requested sanction. Arendi remains engaged in litigation against several companies for alleged patent violations.

To summarize, a lawsuit between Arendi S.A.R.L. and Google continues, with Apple attempting to sanction Arendi’s counsel and witness for revealing trade secrets during the trial. However, U.S. District Court Judge Jennifer L. Hall denied Apple’s motion, finding no evidence of disobedience or intentional harm. Arendi is currently involved in ongoing litigation against multiple companies regarding alleged patent violations.