Defendant’s Violent Outburst Sends Shockwaves Through Courtroom

LAS VEGAS (AP) – A defendant who violently attacked a judge in a courtroom brawl is set to appear before her again on Monday morning. Deobra Redden, who was facing a felony battery charge, tried to persuade Judge Mary Kay Holthus to show leniency and believe that he was changing his violent ways. However, when it became apparent that Redden was going to be sentenced to prison, he erupted in anger and charged at the judge, sparking a chaotic scene.

In a shocking act caught on video, Redden vaulted over the judge’s bench, tackling Holthus and causing an American flag to fall on them. It took several court and jail officers, along with Holthus’ clerk, to forcefully remove Redden from the judge. The scuffle resulted in injuries to both Redden’s defense clerk and a marshal. Despite being hurt, Judge Holthus was back to work the following day.

Holthus was credited with swift action during the attack, and her clerk was praised for removing Redden from the judge, potentially preventing further harm. Redden’s defense attorney declined to comment on the incident.

This is not the first time Redden has faced violent charges. He has a history of violent offenses, with three prior felony convictions and nine misdemeanors. District Attorney Steve Wolfson stated that Redden has been violent for most of his adult life, emphasizing the severity of his criminal record.

In addition to the assault on the judge, Redden faces charges of extortion, coercion with force, and battery on a protected person, referring to the judge and the officers who assisted her. The attack occurred just days before Redden’s scheduled appearance for another case involving a previous baseball bat attack, for which he had pleaded guilty to a reduced charge in November.

At the upcoming hearing on Monday, Judge Holthus is expected to continue the sentencing proceedings for Redden’s other case. While Redden pleaded for leniency in court, he was ultimately unable to avoid facing the consequences of his violent actions.

Redden, who was released from custody while awaiting sentencing, was not restrained or in jail attire at the time of the attack.

In summary, an assailant’s violent outburst in a Las Vegas courtroom shocked onlookers as he attacked the judge and sparked a brawl. The defendant, who has a history of violent offenses, faces serious charges and is set to appear in court again. Judge Holthus, who suffered injuries in the attack, is expected to continue her sentencing proceedings for the defendant’s other case.