Denver-Based Lifestyle Model Takes Legal Action Against Scammers Exploiting Her Photographs

Denver, Colorado – A Denver-based lifestyle model, known as Kat Marie, has filed two federal lawsuits claiming that companies used her photographs without permission to carry out scams. Kat Marie’s line of work involves meeting adult clients in private settings and catering to their specific fetish needs. Building trust and confidence is crucial in this industry, as it directly impacts her livelihood. However, when a fraudulent website in the United Kingdom stole her Instagram photo, it unleashed a series of problems for Kat Marie. The theft resulted in demands from scam victims for her to reimburse lost funds, as well as threats to expose her personal information. In an unusual move, Kat Marie has taken legal action to protect her name, image, and likeness.

Lifestyle models like Kat Marie and their clients typically avoid discussing their world, as it is considered taboo by many. However, these lawsuits offer a rare glimpse into the secret realm where privacy is of utmost importance. A breach of privacy can lead to reputational damage, family turmoil, stolen money, and even physical violence. As an online persona, Kat Marie operates under a pseudonym to protect her identity. Paying clients recognize her through her pictures, online conversations, and in-person sessions that cater to various fetishes, including genital kicking.

Kat Marie has filed two lawsuits in the U.S. District Court of Colorado seeking damages from companies that allegedly used her photographs without permission and accepted payments without providing any services. She argues that having her image associated with scam companies harms her business reputation and limits the seriousness with which potential clients view her. In one instance, she likens another website using her picture to a used car dealership using Russell Wilson’s image in his Denver Broncos uniform to sell subpar vehicles.

The adult baby and diaper lovers communities hold Kat Marie in high regard, with clients spanning across the United States and some internationally. Her success has allowed her to afford a house in Denver and hire a personal assistant and lawyer. Rhoda Lipscomb, a sex therapist who specializes in this field, explains that adult babies and diaper lovers find emotional comfort or sexual pleasure in regressing to a more childlike state. Contrary to popular misconceptions, these individuals are not necessarily victims of childhood trauma nor are they pedophiles. Instead, they find fulfillment in indulging their desires with consenting adults.

Due to the stigma surrounding this lifestyle, most participants prefer to keep their activities a secret. Revealing their interests can have severe consequences, such as lost careers and broken families. Lipscomb emphasizes that the general public often sensationalizes this lifestyle, making it cumbersome for individuals to explain themselves without facing judgment. Predators exploit this vulnerability, understanding the potential harm they can cause by tarnishing someone’s reputation.

One of Kat Marie’s lawsuits targets individuals in the UK who set up a fake adult baby clinic called AB Elite Clinic. They used her pictures without permission to represent professional caregivers who would provide services through their clinics. The second lawsuit involves a website catering to the adult baby and diaper lovers communities, which used Kat Marie’s photos to solicit payments from individuals seeking adult baby caregivers. Both lawsuits accuse the defendants of misappropriation of likeness, interference with business, and emotional distress.

Kat Marie’s discovery that her photos were being used without permission occurred when a man contacted her regarding services he never received after sending thousands of dollars through CashApp. She subsequently found evidence that both the Elite AB Clinic and the other website had used her images. Kat Marie demanded the removal of her photos from the sites, but one of the individuals involved threatened to expose her identity and personal information. The consequences of such actions can be dire, as there are online communities dedicated to harassing lifestyle models.

To date, the defendants in these lawsuits have not responded, despite being served papers through the Hague Service Convention. Kat Marie’s attorney is now seeking a default judgment from the courts. The Elite AB Clinic has also failed to address inquiries about the allegations. Through her legal action, Kat Marie aims to protect not only herself but also her clients from scams that exploit their interests. She believes that it is essential to hold scammers accountable and ensure the safety and well-being of the community.