Judge Judy’s Granddaughter Takes on New Role as Law Clerk on ‘Judy Justice’ to Bridge Generation Gap

Los Angeles, CA – Sarah Rose, the 26-year-old granddaughter of renowned TV judge Judy Sheindlin, is taking on a significant role on her grandmother’s show, “Judy Justice.” The show’s third season, premiering on Amazon Freevee and Prime Video, will feature Rose assisting Sheindlin as a newly minted lawyer.

According to Rose, her role is to provide a different perspective and help Sheindlin relate to and understand younger audiences. She navigates the world of emojis and Gen Z slang, ensuring that Sheindlin stays relevant in the evolving judicial landscape. However, she admits that explaining the nuances of emojis to her grandmother hasn’t been an easy task.

Rose relishes the opportunity to work with her grandmother, describing her as a smart, sassy woman. Sheindlin, in turn, praises Rose as the perfect law clerk, adding that her presence enhances the “Judy Justice” adventure.

Raised in a family of legal professionals, Rose grew up with cross-examinations as a common topic of conversation. Sheindlin’s influence on her career choice is evident, and she takes pride in continuing the family legacy as the third generation to graduate from New York Law School.

Despite growing up in Sheindlin’s shadow, Rose was largely shielded from her grandmother’s fame. It wasn’t until she met Miley Cyrus as a child that she understood the extent of her grandmother’s popularity. The encounter made her realize that Sheindlin’s impact extended beyond their family.

Over the years, Sheindlin’s courtroom show, “Judge Judy,” gained immense popularity. At its peak, the show reached 10 million daily viewers and earned her the title of the longest-serving judge in courtroom programming history. In 2019, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Emmy Awards.

Transitioning from daytime TV to streaming in 2021, Sheindlin’s new show, “Judy Justice,” quickly became the No. 1 original show on Amazon Freevee. She recently debuted another show, “Tribunal Justice,” featuring her son Adam Levy.

Rose appreciates her grandmother’s unfiltered nature and believes that speaking her mind without fearing cancel culture is a crucial trait. Sheindlin’s mentorship has helped Rose become more outspoken and confident in her own abilities.

Passing the bar exam in October 2022, Rose celebrated alongside Sheindlin on her 80th birthday. Together, they continue to choose cases that have a significant impact, selecting plaintiffs who have been wronged and deserve justice.

Outside the courtroom, Rose witnesses the adoration fans have for her grandmother. People often tell Sheindlin that she inspired them to pursue a career in law, leaving a lasting impression on aspiring lawyers.

As “Judy Justice” enters its third season, Rose’s role as Sheindlin’s law clerk allows her to contribute to the show’s success. She values the opportunity to assist plaintiffs in their pursuit of justice and hopes to make a positive impact on the legal system.

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