Disturbing Video Captures Man’s Violent Assault on Las Vegas Judge, Claiming She was “Evil”

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – A man who launched himself at a Las Vegas judge during a courtroom hearing claimed that she was “evil” and “had it out for him,” according to an arrest report. The incident, which was captured in a viral video, occurred when District Judge Mary Kay Holthus denied probation to the man, Deobra Redden, and sentenced him to prison.

During an investigation, corrections officers reported that Redden had admitted to attempting to kill the judge because he had a “bad day.” Additionally, as Redden was being escorted to the Clark County Detention Center, he asked an officer if what he did was wrong and reiterated his belief that the judge was biased against him.

Redden appeared before Judge Holthus for a sentencing hearing related to an attempted battery case. Court records reveal that Redden is now facing multiple charges, including coercion, extortion, intimidation of a public officer, battery resulting in significant bodily harm, and battery on a protected person.

According to the arrest report, Redden leaped over the defense table and judge’s bench, striking Judge Holthus and causing her head to hit a wall. The judge reported that Redden also pulled her hair before being pulled off by her law clerk, Michael Lasso.

The video of the attack shows attorneys, officers, and the clerk attempting to restrain Redden. He allegedly struck a corrections officer multiple times, and the clerk intervened to subdue him.

During the incident, the courtroom marshal, Shane Brandon, released Redden from handcuffs, intending to apprehend him. However, as he approached, Redden rushed towards the judge, causing Brandon to trip and hit his head on the bench. The marshal suffered a dislocated shoulder and required 25 stitches.

While being searched at the jail, Redden reportedly spit in a correction officer’s eyes, further escalating his charges.

Following the incident, Redden’s bail was set at $54,000, and he remains in custody. A judge denied prosecutors’ request to hold him without bail. Redden is scheduled to appear in court again on Tuesday.

In summary, Deobra Redden’s unprovoked attack on District Judge Mary Kay Holthus during a sentencing hearing has led to multiple charges against him. Redden accused the judge of bias and claimed that she had it out for him. The incident, caught on video, resulted in injuries to both the judge and the courtroom marshal. Redden’s bail was set at $54,000, and he is awaiting further court proceedings.