New York City Mayor Files Lawsuit Against Bus Companies Over Texas Migrant Transport, Seeking $708 Million in Damages

NEW YORK CITY – The administration of Mayor Eric Adams has filed a lawsuit against 17 bus companies for transporting 33,000 migrants from Texas. The lawsuit, filed in the New York Supreme Court, alleges that Texas violated New York Social Services Law as part of Governor Greg Abbott’s plan to expel migrants who illegally crossed the US-Mexico border.

In response to an influx of migrants in 2022, Abbott implemented a strategy to transport those arriving in the US from Mexico to Democratic states across the country. The lawsuit claims that these bus companies, directed by Abbott, were paid a significantly higher amount—around $1,650 per person—for their services, compared to the cost of a single one-way ticket.

To alleviate the costs of providing services to the migrants in the city and recover expenses already incurred, the city is seeking $708 million from the bus companies. Adams argues that these companies knowingly brought individuals from out of state with the intention of burdening New York City’s resources.

Mayor Adams addressed the issue in a video statement, emphasizing the city’s commitment to managing the humanitarian crisis but expressing that they cannot bear the costs of Texas’ political ploys alone. His administration believes that the bus companies violated state law by not covering the costs associated with caring for the migrants.

Texas, in response to the lawsuit, highlighted the alleged failure of the Biden administration to enforce secure borders, which pushed the state to take independent action. Governor Abbott stated that Texas will continue building barriers, repelling illegal border crossings, and transporting migrants to relieve overwhelmed communities like New York City. He called the lawsuit “baseless” and criticized Adams’ understanding of the US Constitution and the constitutional right to travel.

This lawsuit follows Mayor Adams’ recent executive order, which established stricter regulations for bus arrivals in the city. Buses are now required to provide a 32-hour notice and adhere to a designated arrival time. Since the order’s implementation, buses have started arriving outside of New York City, with migrants then boarding other forms of transportation bound for the city.

In conclusion, New York City is suing 17 bus companies for transporting migrants from Texas, claiming that the state violated New York Social Services Law. The city seeks $708 million to cover expenses related to providing services to the migrants. Texas argues that the Biden administration’s failure to secure the borders compelled the state to take action independently. The lawsuit comes after Mayor Adams issued an executive order to regulate bus arrivals in the city. Buses are now required to give advance notice and adhere to specific arrival times.