Drug Addiction Treatment Center Resident Caught Committing Burglary in Ross County Home

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio – A resident of Safe Haven DARTS, a Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Ross County, reported missing items from a house they rented on East Main Street. The incident came to light when a police officer reviewed surveillance footage showing 28-year-old Brandon G. Seward entering the house and taking items from the refrigerator. Charges of second-degree felony burglary have been filed against Seward, who had not been a client for 10 days and was assigned to a different residence at the time of the incident. If convicted, Seward could face up to eight years in prison and fines of up to $15,000.

Friday, January 12th witnessed the Ross County Grand Jury returning all 19 cases, with one case being charged as a misdemeanor and three cases pending for public release. The Ross County Prosecutor’s Office shared this information. The testimony and evidence presented before the grand jury highlighted a concerning theft incident at Safe Haven DARTS.

The theft was initially reported by a resident who resided in a house rented by the treatment center. It was discovered that several items were missing from the premises of the house located on East Main Street. Subsequently, law enforcement officers were provided with video footage that revealed Seward’s unauthorized entry into the house and his act of taking items from the refrigerator, which occurred at around 3:41 am on December 13th.

The case against Seward revolves around his unlawful presence in the house, considering that he was neither a resident nor permitted to be there. Although the taken items were not of significant value, the act qualifies as burglary. If convicted on charges of second-degree felony burglary, Seward could face a maximum sentence of eight years in prison, in addition to being liable for fines amounting to $15,000.

The indictment indicates that Seward had not been enrolled in the Drug Addiction Treatment Center for 10 days before the incident occurred. It is alleged that he had already been assigned to a different living arrangement. Despite these circumstances, the video evidence presented before the grand jury clearly portrays his unauthorized entry. The Ross County Grand Jury’s decision reflects the seriousness of the crime and reinforces the consequences that Seward could potentially face for his actions.

In conclusion, charges have been pressed against Brandon G. Seward for second-degree felony burglary in Ross County, Ohio. If he is found guilty, Seward may be sentenced to a maximum of eight years in prison and ordered to pay fines of up to $15,000. The Ross County Grand Jury’s decision underscores the severity of the incident and seeks to hold Seward accountable for his actions.