Elkins Man Convicted on Multiple Counts of Sexual Assault and Abuse: Jury Delivers Guilty Verdict After Two-Day Trial

ELKINS, West Virginia — Clyde Henry Huffman, a 69-year-old man from Elkins, has been convicted of numerous counts of sexual assault and sexual abuse following a two-day jury trial. The verdict was delivered by the jury in Randolph County Circuit Court, finding Huffman guilty on all 10 counts. The trial was prosecuted by Randolph County Prosecutor Michael Parker and Assistant Prosecutor Chrissy Harper.

The charges against Huffman include five counts of first-degree sexual assault and five counts of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian, or custodian. The case was brought to light when a woman reported to law enforcement in March 2021 that her 10-year-old daughter disclosed being sexually assaulted by Huffman approximately three to four years ago.

During the investigation, Corporal Seth Kyle of the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office interviewed the victim at the Randolph County Child Advocacy Center in April 2021. In her interview, the victim detailed multiple instances of alleged sexual assault by Huffman and stated that he had warned her not to tell anyone about the incidents, threatening to harm her if she did.

It is worth noting that the investigation established that Huffman is not related to the victim, as stated in the complaint filed by Corporal Kyle. The jury deliberated on the evidence and rendered its unanimous verdict on Friday evening.

Sexual assault and abuse cases are sensitive and challenging, requiring thorough investigation and prosecution. The Randolph County Prosecutor’s Office and law enforcement worked diligently to gather the necessary evidence and present a compelling case to the jury. The guilty verdict sends a strong message that such acts will not be tolerated.

Following Huffman’s conviction, he now faces potential penalties commensurate with his crimes. The court will determine his sentencing at a later date.

It is important to acknowledge the bravery of the victim for speaking out and recounting her traumatic experiences. By doing so, she has contributed to the pursuit of justice and the protection of others who may have been or could be victimized in similar circumstances.

This trial marks an important step in holding perpetrators of sexual assault accountable, and it reinforces the commitment of law enforcement and the legal system to protect and seek justice for survivors. The verdict serves as a reminder that the criminal justice system plays a pivotal role in addressing such heinous acts and ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals within the community.