Explosive Lawsuit Alleges Church of Scientology Runs Criminal Enterprise with Celebrities like Danny Masterson

Los Angeles, California – A recently filed lawsuit alleges that the Church of Scientology is a “criminal enterprise” that engages in racketeering and uses celebrities to further their illegal activities. The suit claims that the church employs tactics such as fraud, human trafficking, and money laundering to enrich its leadership. It also accuses Scientology leaders of retaliating against victims and witnesses with threats and acts of violence.

The lawsuit specifically mentions actor Danny Masterson, known for his role in “That ’70s Show,” as an example of the church’s alleged cover-up of crimes. According to the complaint, Scientology leaders protected Masterson while allowing him to continue to abuse victims. In response, the Church of Scientology has dismissed the allegations as “complete fabrications” and called the lawsuit an “attempted money grab.”

The lawsuit further accuses Scientology leaders, including chairman David Miscavige, of exerting control over members by restricting their access to outside communication. It alleges that members are not allowed to have phones capable of dialing 911 and must use a code that allows leaders to track their calls. The suit also claims that Scientology practices a “fair game” policy, which includes surveillance and releasing damaging information to ruin the reputations of enemies.

While the Church of Scientology denies these accusations, former members, including actress Leah Remini, have applauded the conviction of Danny Masterson on two counts of rape. Masterson was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Remini, who has been critical of the church and has accused its leaders of harassment, expressed relief that Masterson would no longer be able to harm others with the assistance of Scientology.

The lawsuit calls for the pursuit of RICO charges, which are typically used to dismantle organized crime networks, against the Church of Scientology. It alleges that the church engages in a variety of tactics to harm and destroy its enemies, silencing anyone who speaks out against it.

As the legal battle unfolds, the allegations against the Church of Scientology shed light on the controversies surrounding the organization and its practices. The lawsuit brings attention to the accusations of criminal activity within the church and the alleged tactics employed to protect its high-profile members.

In summary, a recently filed lawsuit accuses the Church of Scientology of being a criminal enterprise that engages in racketeering and covers up alleged crimes. While the church denies the allegations, the legal action has brought attention to the controversies surrounding Scientology and its treatment of victims and enemies. The lawsuit calls for the pursuit of RICO charges against the church as former members like Leah Remini applaud the conviction of actor Danny Masterson. The ongoing legal battle continues to shed light on the practices and allegations surrounding the Church of Scientology.