Former Lawrenceville Police Captain Runs for Sheriff to Combat Atlanta Crime Wave

LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia – A former police captain in Lawrenceville, Georgia is now running for sheriff in Morgan County, with a platform focused on protecting the county from the increasing crime rates in nearby Atlanta, according to his campaign website. The former captain, Ryan Morgan, left the Lawrenceville Police Department in December 2021 amidst allegations of sexual harassment. The subsequent investigation found that both Morgan and the police chief at the time, Timothy Wallis, had harassed Captain Tawnya Gilovanni, who was the department’s first female command staff member. The investigation report also revealed the existence of … Read more

Explosive Lawsuit Alleges Church of Scientology Runs Criminal Enterprise with Celebrities like Danny Masterson

Los Angeles, California – A recently filed lawsuit alleges that the Church of Scientology is a “criminal enterprise” that engages in racketeering and uses celebrities to further their illegal activities. The suit claims that the church employs tactics such as fraud, human trafficking, and money laundering to enrich its leadership. It also accuses Scientology leaders of retaliating against victims and witnesses with threats and acts of violence. The lawsuit specifically mentions actor Danny Masterson, known for his role in “That ’70s Show,” as an example of the church’s alleged cover-up of crimes. According to the … Read more