Prominent Lawyer Inez Weski Facing Prosecution for Alleged Involvement in Criminal Organization

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – The Public Prosecution Service (OM) is seeking to prosecute lawyer Inez Weski for her alleged participation in a criminal organization, according to chief prosecutor Janneke de Smet. Weski previously represented Ridouan Taghi and is suspected of obtaining information from Taghi during prison visits and then sharing it with the outside world. Taghi is a notorious criminal figure who has faced charges related to organized crime, including the ordering of multiple murders. Weski’s role as his defense lawyer has put her under scrutiny, with authorities now accusing her of being involved in … Read more

Retired Judge’s Victory: Unusual Criminal Charge Dismissed in Alaskan Grand Jury Case

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A retired judge in Anchorage, Alaska, has been cleared of an “extremely unusual” criminal charge brought against her by a grand jury, marking a significant victory for former judge Margaret Murphy and a setback for conservative legal activists. The charge of perjury against Murphy, which was included in an indictment with minimal details, was dismissed by Superior Court Judge Thomas A. Matthews. The case, which emerged from a broader investigation by a Kenai grand jury, diverged from the norm as it was initiated by the grand jury rather than a state prosecutor. … Read more

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Calls for Modification of Sanctuary City Law to Deport Violent Criminal Migrants

NEW YORK CITY – New York City Mayor Eric Adams is calling for modifications to the city’s sanctuary city law, suggesting that migrants who commit violent crimes should be eligible for deportation. Adams made these comments in response to growing criticism of migration into the city from both lawmakers and law enforcement. He has previously urged the Biden administration and Congress for additional aid to help migrants obtain work visas and secure housing support. According to Adams, the majority of migrants in the city are looking for employment opportunities, and he finds it perplexing that … Read more

Criminal Defense Lawyer Reveals the Shocking Reasons Behind Her Ban on Sleepovers for Her Children

HOUSTON, TEXAS – A criminal defense lawyer in Houston is making headlines after revealing why she never allows her children to participate in sleepovers. Erin Bailey, a prominent attorney known for her work in defending criminal cases, recently shared her perspective on kids’ sleepovers, which has garnered significant attention on social media. In a TikTok video that has amassed over 3 million views in just under three weeks, Bailey provides detailed explanations for her decision, hoping to raise awareness among other parents about the potential risks involved. Bailey begins her video by discussing the primary … Read more