Investigation into Alleged Abuse at New Hampshire Youth Detention Center Unearths Troubling Past for Both Civil and Criminal Cases

Concord, New Hampshire – Attorneys for the state of New Hampshire began presenting their defense in a lawsuit brought by a man who claims he endured severe physical and sexual abuse as a teenager at the Sununu Youth Services Center. The trial sheds light on ongoing allegations of abuse at the youth detention center, as over 1,100 former residents have sued the state, resulting in an unprecedented criminal investigation. Eleven former state workers have been arrested thus far, as more than six decades of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse have been alleged. The unique aspect … Read more

Criminal Trial Against Former President Trump Sparks Intense Jury Selection Process, Experts Say

New York City, NY – As jury selection commences today in an unprecedented criminal trial of a former president, legal experts assert that both the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and Donald Trump’s defense team will heavily rely on voir dire. This process involves the careful selection of potential jurors who will play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the trial. The trial, which is historic in nature, marks the first time a former president faces criminal charges. It poses a significant challenge for both sides as they grapple with the delicate task of … Read more

Judge Upholds Special Counsel’s Request to Keep Government Witnesses’ Identities Secret in Trump’s Criminal Case

Palm Beach, Florida – The judge presiding over the criminal case against former President Donald Trump for his alleged mishandling of classified documents has agreed to protect the identities of government witnesses. US District Judge Aileen Cannon ruled on Tuesday that the names and identifiable information of potential witnesses would be redacted due to concerns for their safety. This decision comes after Trump’s failed attempts to delay his trial, which is set to begin on April 15. While the judge agreed to keep witness names secret, she declined to block the disclosure of witness statements, … Read more

Yale Law Professor Exposes Disturbing Eugenic Origins of Colorado’s Habitual Criminal Law

DENVER, Colorado – Yale Law School professor Daniel Loehr, along with research assistants Balen Essak-Hernandez and Courtney Perales, has filed an amicus brief before the Colorado Supreme Court, arguing that the state’s habitual criminal law is linked to the eugenics movement. Loehr’s brief, based on historical research conducted during his time at the Law School, aims to demonstrate the historical origins of the law and its ties to the eugenics movement. The brief focuses on the case of Ward v. the People of Colorado, in which an individual was charged under the habitual criminal law … Read more