Family Files Civil Lawsuit Against School After Teen’s Suicide Following Brutal Attack

Bayville, New Jersey – The family of a 14-year-old girl who tragically died by suicide last year after a video of her being viciously attacked by fellow students at Central Regional High School was posted on social media has filed a civil lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that school administrators were aware of a “culture of violence” at the school and failed to protect the teenager.

Adriana Kuch, a freshman at the high school, was attacked in the hallway by a group of girls who kicked and punched her, as well as hit her in the face with a water bottle. She blacked out during the attack, which was recorded and shared online. Two days later, her family discovered her lifeless body at their Bayville home.

The victim’s father, Michael Kuch, believes that bullying played a significant role in his daughter’s decision to take her own life. He criticized the school for not immediately contacting the police following the attack, claiming that taking her to the nurse’s office was inadequate.

In the aftermath of Adriana’s death, additional videos of bullying incidents at Central Regional High School emerged. One video showed a girl with a shoulder injury from a wrestling match being attacked, resulting in her mother having to transfer her to an out-of-district school after her attackers received a 10-day suspension. In another incident, the victim also had to be transferred out of the school due to harassment and intimidation captured on video.

Michael Kuch’s lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Ocean County, names several school officials and administrators as defendants. The lawsuit alleges that they were aware of the ongoing harassment, bullying, and video recordings, but failed to address the threats and protect Adriana in accordance with the state’s Anti-Bullying Statute. The complaint further claims that they neglected to investigate the threats in a timely and appropriate manner.

The civil lawsuit seeks justice for Adriana Kuch and holds the school accountable for her public humiliation and subsequent suicide. “Adriana was the light of our lives, and one year after her horrific and needless death, we are still waiting for justice,” said Michael Kuch in a statement. The Ocean County prosecutor’s office previously charged three of the attackers with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and the fourth with aggravated assault.

The Central Regional School District did not respond to requests for comment, and the superintendent’s office declined to comment on the matter. In February 2023, the district superintendent resigned after making insensitive remarks about Adriana Kuch’s home life and mental health. The civil lawsuit also accuses the former superintendent of defamation and violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

The lawsuit alleges negligence against all the defendants and seeks unspecified punitive damages.