Former Executive Assistant Accuses Operation Underground Railroad Founder Tim Ballard of Sexual Assault in Multiple Jurisdictions

Salt Lake City, Utah – Celeste Borys, a former executive assistant to Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), has filed criminal complaints claiming that Ballard sexually assaulted her in four jurisdictions, according to her attorney. Last week, Borys and her lawyer flew to California to make these allegations. Previously, she had filed a criminal complaint with the Lindon Police Department in Utah County. In addition to Utah, Borys has now reported assaults to police departments in San Diego, San Clemente, and the San Jose suburb of Campbell, as well as to Los Angeles Airport police.

The Salt Lake Tribune was not able to independently confirm these complaints with the respective police departments. However, Borys’ attorney provided images of documents from the four agencies, including case numbers and the names of detectives. One of the documents was an investigative report that detailed an alleged assault at the L.A. airport during an April trip.

Borys, who had previously made public allegations against Ballard, is expected to address these latest complaints at a news conference on Monday. According to her attorney, Borys’s decision to report the assaults in multiple jurisdictions highlights the widespread nature of the traumatic events experienced by her and other women due to Ballard’s alleged sexual misconduct. The attorney emphasized the need for a comprehensive and coordinated effort across jurisdictions to address such acts.

In response, Ballard’s attorney, Whitney Bernstein, stated that Borys is motivated by financial gain. Bernstein referred to the allegations as an “ever-changing shakedown” and claimed that Borys continued to work with Ballard in various roles after the events she alleges occurred. OUR had previously filed a counterclaim against Borys, accusing her of violating nondisclosure and nondisparagement agreements, and claimed that she had defended Ballard against another woman’s accusations.

It is important to note that Ballard is already the subject of two investigations, one by the Utah attorney general’s office and another by the Lindon police. Borys’ attorney stated that Ballard assaulted her client during their travels to San Diego, San Clemente, and San Jose for various purposes related to OUR. She also alleged that Ballard violently sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions. Six additional women have also filed civil lawsuits against Ballard, accusing him of sexual misconduct or assault and alleging OUR’s complicity or negligence.

Ballard’s attorneys have countered Borys’ claims and have accused her of accessing Ballard’s email account and stealing confidential information. They are seeking to have those records stricken from the ongoing litigation.

The allegations and investigations surrounding Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad continue to unfold, revealing a complex and contentious legal battle. Both sides present contrasting narratives, leaving it up to the investigations and legal proceedings to determine the truth of the matter.