Former North Texas Judge Sentenced to Death for Revenge Killing Seeks New Trial

A former justice of the peace in North Texas is seeking a new death penalty trial after being sentenced to death in 2014 for his involvement in a revenge plot that resulted in the death of a district attorney’s wife and two others. Eric Williams, who was convicted of capital murder, claims that his attorneys did not have adequate time to review the evidence and prepare for trial, which led to his conviction. Furthermore, Williams alleges that he was tried before a biased judge and that the location of the trial had no impact on his ability to receive a fair trial.

The incident occurred in December 2012 when Williams, who had lost his job and law license, targeted the district attorney and his wife in response to charges that he had stolen county-owned computer equipment. Prosecutors argue that the conviction pushed Williams over the edge, and during his trial, they presented evidence that he had paid a friend to rent a storage unit to store weapons, police tactical gear, and a getaway car.

Williams’ wife, Kim, also played a role in the killings and pleaded guilty to her involvement. She testified during her husband’s trial that she had driven the getaway car for the murder of the district attorney’s wife and helped dispose of the weapons used in the other two killings. She was ultimately sentenced to 40 years in prison.

The former justice of the peace has made multiple appeals to overturn his death sentence, including one where he claimed his brain was broken and another where he expressed a desire for revenge against politicians that he believed had ruined his life. A federal judge in the North District of Texas will be holding a hearing on Williams’ latest request this Tuesday.

In summary, a former justice of the peace in North Texas is seeking a new death penalty trial based on claims of insufficient time to review evidence, biased judge, and lack of a fair trial. Eric Williams was convicted of capital murder for his involvement in a revenge plot against a district attorney and his wife. Williams’ wife, Kim, also pleaded guilty to her role in the killings. The case will now be reviewed by a federal judge in Texas.