Diplo Facing Legal Battle Over Alleged Revenge Porn, Ex-Partner Seeks $150,000 in Damages

Los Angeles, CA — Renowned DJ and music producer Thomas Wesley Pentz, known professionally as Diplo, faces allegations of distributing private explicit images without consent, according to a lawsuit filed in California Superior Court this past Thursday. The legal action, initiated by an unnamed woman who claims she was in a relationship with Diplo for six years, is seeking damages amounting to $150,000. The plaintiff, referred to as Jane Doe in court documents, contends that Diplo shared sexually explicit photos and videos of her with a third party. It is asserted that these materials were … Read more

Landmark Verdict: Professor Awarded $30 Million in Landmark Revenge Porn Trial

New York City, NY – A groundbreaking trial under the city’s revenge porn legislation has resulted in a $30 million jury award for the plaintiff, Dr. Spring Chenoa Cooper. Attorneys representing Dr. Cooper credit her powerful testimony and unwavering commitment to reporting her ex-boyfriend’s heinous crimes for securing this landmark verdict. The jury’s decision came after Dr. Cooper endured the malicious and repeated posting of intimate photos and videos by her ex-partner, Ryan Broems. These explicit materials were not the only weapons in his endless campaign of harassment, as he also exposed her personal information, … Read more

Former North Texas Judge Sentenced to Death for Revenge Killing Seeks New Trial

A former justice of the peace in North Texas is seeking a new death penalty trial after being sentenced to death in 2014 for his involvement in a revenge plot that resulted in the death of a district attorney’s wife and two others. Eric Williams, who was convicted of capital murder, claims that his attorneys did not have adequate time to review the evidence and prepare for trial, which led to his conviction. Furthermore, Williams alleges that he was tried before a biased judge and that the location of the trial had no impact on … Read more

North Texas Woman Awarded $450,000 in Lawsuit Over Revenge Porn Attack

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – A North Texas woman has been awarded $450,000 in a landmark revenge porn case. Sadaf Khan filed a lawsuit against a man for stealing sexually explicit images and videos from her phone and sending them to her own mother. The jury unanimously ruled in her favor, ordering the defendant to pay $150,000 for mental anguish and $300,000 in punitive damages. Khan, who now resides in Southlake, accused the man, identified as Syed Bilal, of distributing revenge porn after she turned down his marriage proposal. Revenge porn refers to the non-consensual sharing of … Read more