Former President Trump’s $92 Million Bond Approved by Judge in E. Jean Carroll Verbal Attack Lawsuit

NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump has posted a $92 million bond to secure a jury award for writer E. Jean Carroll, who accused him of defamation. The bond was approved by federal judge Lewis A. Kaplan on Tuesday. Trump’s lawyers have indicated that they plan to appeal the verdict, which found Trump guilty of defaming Carroll.

At a recent campaign rally, Trump resumed his verbal attacks on Carroll, suggesting that she had falsely accused him of rape in 1996. In response, Carroll’s lawyer hinted at the possibility of filing another defamation lawsuit if the attacks persisted.

Trump had previously reduced his public criticism of Carroll following a $83.3 million defamation award in January. This award was based on Trump’s statements in 2019 while he was still president. Another jury in May 2022 had already awarded Carroll $5 million, finding that Trump had defamed her in that year. While the jury did not conclude that Trump had raped Carroll, the judge noted that their findings were consistent with certain jurisdictions’ definition of rape.

During the May trial, Trump was present for almost every day of proceedings, voicing his grievances about the case even when jurors were present. However, his testimony was limited as he was not allowed to contradict the conclusions reached by the jury.

Carroll first made her claims against Trump public in her 2019 memoir. In addition to the defamation case, Trump is also facing a $454 million civil fraud penalty and four criminal cases.

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