Former President Trump’s Name Removed from Illinois Primary Ballot: What’s Next in the Legal Battle?

A judge in Cook County, Illinois, has issued a ruling that removes former President Donald Trump’s name from the state’s primary ballot. However, this decision follows the commencement of early voting for the upcoming primary election on March 19. The judge, Tracie Porter, has temporarily stayed her ruling until Friday, anticipating an appeal from Trump’s legal team, who have declared their intention to do so promptly.

Porter also stated that her ruling would remain on hold if the U.S. Supreme Court delivers a decision “inconsistent” with hers in a case involving a similar matter in Colorado. As it stands, there are no immediate changes to the ballot box. If Porter’s ruling takes effect, she has ordered that any votes cast for Trump should be suppressed through administrative procedures.

Nevertheless, Porter acknowledged that her ruling is unlikely to be the final word on the issue. Once Trump’s lawyers file an appeal, the subsequent course of action will likely depend on the First District Appellate Court, the Illinois Supreme Court, or even the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court is currently poised to make a ruling on the Colorado case, which has questioned Trump’s presence on the state’s ballot due to the insurrection clause of the Constitution. The nation’s high court faces a time constraint as Colorado’s primary election approaches on Tuesday.

Contrary to the belief that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision will resolve the entire matter, attorneys challenging Trump’s candidacy in Illinois assert that the Illinois case also entails issues of state law and will eventually be heard by the Illinois Supreme Court. It remains to be seen how this legal saga will unfold, with potential ramifications for Trump’s electoral prospects in the state’s primary election.