New Jersey Judge Clarifies: Scrapping Controversial Ballot Design Limited to Democratic Primary, GOP Exempted

TRENTON, N.J. – A judge in New Jersey has ruled that a controversial ballot design will only be scrapped for the Democratic primary, not the GOP. The decision comes as various parties challenge the state’s ballot design for the upcoming Senate primary. The ruling was made by a federal judge who stated that the design of the ballots should only be modified for the Democratic primary. The judge emphasized that Republicans can continue to use the existing organization lines on their ballots. This decision is expected to impact the campaigning strategies of both parties leading … Read more

Unveiling the Power of Judicial Candidates on the 2024 Illinois Primary Election Ballot

Chicago, Illinois – The upcoming 2024 Illinois primary election features a ballot filled with judicial candidates. While these races may not capture the same attention as the top positions, experts emphasize the importance of researching and considering every candidate. Judicial seats hold significant power and impact the lives of citizens in various legal matters. According to Alejandra Cancino, a senior reporter for Injustice Watch, judicial elections often go unnoticed and their inner workings remain elusive until one becomes involved in the system. Cancino highlights the extensive responsibilities of judges, who preside over traffic court, criminal … Read more

New Jersey Attorney General Refuses to Defend Unconstitutional Primary Ballot Laws

Trenton, New Jersey – Attorney General Matt Platkin has declared three New Jersey statutes that govern the state’s primary ballots as unconstitutional. In a letter sent to Judge Zahid N. Quraishi, Platkin stated that his office will not defend these statutes. The announcement comes as Judge Quraishi is expected to rule against the “county line” system in a lawsuit filed by U.S. Senate candidate Andy Kim. The “county line” system refers to the county party line on New Jersey’s primary ballots. Platkin’s opposition to this system holds significant weight as he is an upper echelon … Read more

Ionia City Clerk Highlights Voter Turnout and Challenges with New Election Laws in February Presidential Primary

IONIA, Michigan – Ionia’s clerk recently provided an update on the challenges faced by clerks due to new election laws during the February presidential primary. Mary Patrick, Ionia City Clerk, discussed the primary at the Ionia City Council meeting on March 6. Out of more than 5,000 registered city voters, a total of 705 ballots were cast. These included 390 absentee votes, 299 votes on Election Day, and 16 early voting participants over nine days. The cost of the election and the turnout were also discussed. In-person voting cost the city $0.50 per voter, while … Read more