Power Play: How Fossil Fuel Lobby and Ballot Measures Shape Colorado’s Legislative Battles

Denver, CO — As Colorado legislators convened to shape state policies, a high-stakes public relations battle unfolded on television screens this spring. Funded by the American Petroleum Institute, a prominent national fossil fuel advocacy group, the ads aired painted a grim picture of legislative attempts to intensify regulations on oil and gas operations amid worsening air quality in the region. The contentious advertisement suggested dire consequences for the state’s economy and lifestyle, emphasizing, “Here in Colorado, our economy, good schools and state parks are all powered by oil and natural gas.” It cautioned against what … Read more

Arkansas Secretary of State Faces Lawsuit Amid Dispute Over Abortion Ballot Initiative Signatures

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A dispute has arisen in Arkansas where Secretary of State John Thurston is urging the state’s Supreme Court to dismiss a lawsuit connected to a controversial ballot initiative aimed at amending the state’s strict abortion laws. The proposal, if passed, would allow for exceptions to the current ban. Earlier in the month, the group Arkansans for Limited Government submitted the amendment with over 100,000 signatures to Thurston’s office. They aim to relax the restrictions and prevent the state government from impeding access to abortion within the first 18 weeks of fertilization. … Read more

Utah Supreme Court Bolsters Citizen-Led Initiatives, Curbs Legislative Overreach on Ballot Measures

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — In a landmark decision, the Utah Supreme Court on Thursday sided decisively with citizen-led grassroots efforts, holding that the state legislature acted unconstitutionally when altering a voter-approved ballot initiative that created an independent redistricting commission. The ruling not only impacts how congressional district maps are drawn but also signifies a broader protection for voter-driven initiatives aimed at governmental reform. The case arose after the 2018 approval of the ballot initiative aimed at curbing gerrymandering was significantly rewritten by Utah’s legislature, a move critics said undermined the will of the voters. … Read more

Washington County Voters Challenge Mail-In Ballot Rejection Policy, Claim Lack of Transparency in Lawsuit

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. — In response to a lawsuit alleging concealment of the invalidation of certain mail-in ballots, officials in Washington County have decided to appoint a special counsel. The legal action challenges the transparency of the county’s election board during the latest voting session, where numerous ballots were reportedly dismissed due to minor errors by voters. Ballot curing, the process allowing voters to correct errors on their mail-in ballots to ensure their votes count, varies significantly from state to state. In Pennsylvania, the responsibility to offer or withhold ballot curing services falls to individual … Read more