Former Trump Lawyer Uncovers Shocking Reason for Delay in Colorado Ballot Appeal

DENVER, COLORADO – The appeal of a ballot measure that sought easier access to public records in Colorado was delayed, according to Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for President Donald Trump. Cohen, who recently completed a three-year prison sentence in connection with hush money payments made on behalf of Trump, speculated on the reasons behind the delay during an interview with CNN.

The ballot initiative, known as Initiative 306, aimed to lower restrictions on public records access by reducing fees and expediting the release of information. It garnered significant support from transparency advocates and journalists who believe that easier access to public records is crucial for maintaining government accountability.

However, Cohen claimed that the appeal was delayed due to partisan interests. He asserted that Republicans, who control the state Senate, wanted to see if Trump would run for re-election before making a decision on the appeal. Cohen argued that by delaying the appeal until after the 2022 election, Republicans hoped to avoid alienating Trump-aligned voters who may have supported the ballot measure.

The delay has drawn criticism from proponents of Initiative 306, who argue that it undermines government transparency and accountability. They contend that the appeal process should be conducted promptly and without political considerations.

Opponents of the measure argue that it would burden government agencies with additional costs and impede the efficient functioning of public offices. They maintained that the current fees associated with records requests are necessary to cover the expenses associated with processing and redaction.

The appeal, which was initially scheduled to take place earlier this year, will now be reconsidered after the 2022 elections. The outcome of the appeal could have significant implications for government transparency and the ability of the public to access information in Colorado.

Overall, the delay in the appeal of Initiative 306 in Colorado has sparked debates about government transparency and accountability. While proponents argue that easier access to public records is essential, opponents contend that the measure would impose financial burdens on government agencies. The decision on the appeal, which has now been postponed until after the 2022 elections, will be closely watched by transparency advocates and journalists alike.