Colorado Springs Debates the Return of Beloved Fireworks and Symphony Event: Cast Your Vote!

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, a cherished summertime celebration combining fireworks and live symphony performances, once a fixture at the local park, was suspended during the global pandemic. The event, which traditionally drew large crowds, remains on hiatus, sparking debate among residents about its future. The festivity was not merely a display of pyrotechnics; it symbolized a communal experience that many looked forward to as part of their Fourth of July celebrations. The blend of orchestral music with the visual spectacle of fireworks created a multisensory experience that many in the community now miss. Local leader, … Read more

Colorado Residents Sue Over New Law That Could Stifle Public Challenges to Property Developments

Colorado Springs, Colo. – A recent lawsuit is challenging a state law in Colorado which critics claim hinders the public’s ability to contest property developments. The suit, initiated against the City of Colorado Springs and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, targets House Bill 24-1107, arguing that the legislation imposes an undue financial burden on individuals opposed to certain land-use decisions. The plaintiffs contend the law essentially curtails citizens’ rights to petition their government by making them liable for not only their legal costs but also those of the opposing side if they lose their case—a … Read more

Landmark Ruling: Colorado Jury Awards $3.76 Million to Montbello Woman in Wrongful Home Search Case

DENVER, COLORADO – A jury in Colorado has awarded Ruby Johnson, a 78-year-old woman from Montbello, $3.76 million in damages after finding that the Denver Police Department violated the state’s constitution during a search of her home in 2022. The case stems from an investigation into a stolen truck that included an iPhone, which led Detective Gary Staab and Sergeant Gregory Buschy to obtain a search warrant for Johnson’s home based on the claim that the phone’s “Find My iPhone” app had pinpointed her location. However, Johnson’s lawyers argued that the app only provided an … Read more

Colorado Introduces Bill to Safeguard Transgender and Non-Binary Rights, Filling Key Gap in Anti-Bias Laws

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Colorado lawmakers have introduced a bill to strengthen protections for transgender and non-binary individuals within the state’s anti-bias and harassment laws. The proposed legislation, known as Senate Bill 189, aims to address a crucial gap in current statutes by explicitly targeting gender identity and expression as grounds for addressing harassment and intimidation. Supporters of the bill argue that it is a necessary step towards fostering inclusivity and countering anti-trans rhetoric. On April 1st, the bill will undergo its first committee hearing. The Gender-Related Bias-Motivated Crimes Bill, SB24-189, seeks to provide comprehensive … Read more