Gang Members Convicted in Bold Murder of Rapper FBG Duck: Justice Finally Served

CHICAGO, IL – A federal jury on Wednesday reached a unanimous verdict in the case of the killing of rapper FBG Duck, convicting six reputed gang members involved in the incident. The trial, which lasted over three months, ended with emotional scenes as Duck’s mother and other family members cried and embraced each other upon hearing the verdict. The shooting took place on August 4, 2020, outside a luxury clothing store in the Gold Coast neighborhood, resulting in Duck’s death and the injuries of his girlfriend and another shopper.

According to federal officials, the shooting is believed to be linked to a violent gang war between Duck’s Tookaville faction of the Gangster Disciples and the O Block set of the Black Disciples. The ongoing conflict, fueled by the exchange of drill rap diss tracks between Duck and King Von, allegedly led to a bounty being placed on Duck by Von, who himself was later fatally shot.

Among the convicted gang members, Charles “C Murda” Liggins was found guilty on five of seven counts, including the murder of Duck, involvement in a conspiracy to murder him, and the use of a firearm during the attack. Liggins, however, was acquitted of shooting another shopper and using a gun in relation to that incident. Another alleged getaway driver, Kenneth “Kenny Mac” Roberson, was also convicted on the same five counts but found not guilty on the remaining two counts.

Tacarlos “Los” Offerd, another purported getaway driver, was found guilty on five counts but acquitted on two others related to the shooting of Duck’s girlfriend and the use of a firearm in that instance. Christopher “C Thang” Thomas, identified as one of the shooters, was convicted on three counts: murder, use of a gun in the murder, and conspiracy to commit murder. However, Thomas was not found guilty on charges related to the injuries sustained by the other two victims and the use of a firearm in those incidents.

Ralph “Teezy” Turpin, who allegedly summoned the shooters to Oak Street to carry out the attack on Duck, was convicted on two counts: murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Lastly, Marcus “Muwop” Smart, another alleged gunman, was found guilty on five counts but acquitted on two counts of shooting Duck’s girlfriend and using a firearm in relation to that act.

The culmination of the trial offers some closure to the violent chain of events that unfolded in the Gold Coast neighborhood, shedding light on the extent of gang-related conflicts that plague certain communities. With the convictions, justice, to some extent, has been served for the loss of FBG Duck’s life and injuries inflicted on the victims. The verdict emphasizes the consequences faced by those involved in such acts of violence and sends a strong message regarding the commitment to combat gang-related crime in the city of Chicago.