New York City Council Members Push for Reforms on Squatter Laws Amidst High-Profile Incidents

BROOKLYN, New York — New York City council members from both sides of the political spectrum are calling for changes to be made regarding the laws surrounding squatters. This comes in response to a string of high-profile incidents, including a recent fire in Dyker Heights. The issue of squatters in the city has become a pressing concern for lawmakers. Council members are now pushing for amendments to the existing laws that deal with squatting, as they believe the current regulations are inadequate and need to be strengthened. Proponents of the proposed changes argue that the … Read more

Judge Expands Gag Order in Trump’s Criminal Hush Money Case to Include Family Members Amid Concerns for Trial’s Integrity

New York City – The judge presiding over former President Donald Trump’s criminal hush money case has extended a limited gag order to include family members of both the judge and the district attorney. This decision comes after prosecutors raised concerns about Trump targeting the judge’s daughter on social media due to her involvement with a Democratic political group. Last week, Judge Juan Merchan issued a limited gag order that prevented Trump from making comments about potential witnesses, jurors, lawyers, court staff, and their families. However, the order allowed Trump to continue making public comments … Read more

Exposing the Perpetrators: Patriot Front Members Behind Arthur Ashe Mural Vandalism Identified

RICHMOND, Virginia — The mural of tennis legend Arthur Ashe in Battery Park, Richmond, was defaced by white supremacist graffiti in October 2021, causing concern among community members. The graffiti, which promoted the white supremacist group Patriot Front, was quickly removed after the park was temporarily closed. However, the incident sparked fear and unease in the neighboring Battery Park community. Months later, the media outlet Unicorn Riot was able to identify the perpetrators of the vandalism through leaked video footage. Patriot Front members had recorded themselves defacing the Ashe mural, intending to keep the footage … Read more

Former Members of Kingston Polygamist Sect File Federal Racketeering Lawsuit Alleging Decades of Trafficking and Abuse

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Ten former members of the Kingston polygamous sect have filed a federal racketeering lawsuit against the group, accusing them of engaging in human trafficking for many years under the guise of a religious community. The lawsuit, filed in Utah, names nearly 50 defendants, including prominent members of the Kingston family, the Davis County Cooperative Society, and Vanguard Academy, a public charter school affiliated with the sect. The complaint also lists 450 unidentified businesses that the sect allegedly operates. One of the defendants, Standard Restaurant Supply, a company based in South … Read more