Employees File Lawsuit Following Sandman Signature Hotel Explosion, Alleging Negligence and Ignored Safety Concerns

Fort Worth, Texas – A third lawsuit has been filed in the aftermath of the explosion at the Sandman Signature Hotel in Fort Worth. The victims in this latest lawsuit allege that their safety was disregarded by the defendants. The first lawsuit was filed by a man who claims he was injured while attempting to escape from the blast. He is suing Atmos Energy, the natural gas company, and the hotel, alleging negligence. Now, the lawyer representing Jose Mira, an employee of the hotel, has also filed a lawsuit against Atmos Energy and the hotel.

The new lawsuit lists a total of eight employees and two spouses of the injured employees as plaintiffs. The lawsuit claims that the negligence of Atmos Energy Corp., Sandman Management (Nevada) Inc., Northland Developments Inc., and Rock Libations LP was responsible for the explosion that occurred on January 8. According to attorney Ryan Zehl of Zehl and Associates, both employees and guests had reported a distinct odor of gas in the hotel for several hours before the explosion, but no action was taken. The lawsuit alleges that the employees were not evacuated, doors were not closed off, and alarms were not sounded, allowing business to continue as usual until the catastrophic explosion.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which include Manuela Marin, Yeimy Marin, Ericka Beatriz Sanchez Del Cid, Candi Ruby Marmolejo, Laura Serrano Reséndiz, Flor Hilda Serrano Reséndiz, Sandra Guijosa Mandujano, and Cinthia Lara Rangel, suffered serious injuries in the explosion. Zehl explains that the employees were expecting a typical workday but were instead confronted with a scene akin to a war zone. Many of them are experiencing concussion syndrome and mild traumatic brain injuries from being thrown and hitting their heads. They also report symptoms such as neck pain and tingling in their arms and legs.

Additionally, two spouses of the injured employees have filed loss of consortium claims. Zehl highlights the financial impact on these individuals, as they do not know when they will receive their next paycheck. He emphasizes that they have been left on their own to seek medical care and support their families.

Despite the lack of clear evidence regarding the cause of the explosion, the Houston-based law firm representing the plaintiffs intends to conduct its own investigation. Atmos Energy has stated that their investigation found no fault with their equipment. The Fort Worth Fire Department has stated that the ongoing lawsuits have delayed the cleanup and the investigation may take several months as they examine the debris and interview those involved.

In conclusion, the aftermath of the Sandman Signature Hotel explosion in Fort Worth continues to unfold with the filing of a third lawsuit. The victims allege negligence on the part of Atmos Energy and the hotel. The injuries suffered by the employees and their spouses are severe, with some experiencing concussion syndrome and mild traumatic brain injuries. The financial strain they face adds to their difficulties. As investigations proceed, the cleanup and resolution of the case may be further delayed.