Gregg County Grand Jury Issues 32 Indictments for Crimes Including Aggravated Assault and DWI

LONGVIEW, Texas – A grand jury in Gregg County has issued 32 indictments for various crimes, including aggravated assault, driving while intoxicated, and credit or debit card abuse. The indictments were announced on January 31, but it is important to note that an indictment does not imply guilt; it simply means that the person is formally accused of a crime and must go through the legal process to determine their innocence or guilt.

One of the notable cases involves James Thomas Kerns Jr., a 40-year-old resident of Longview. Kerns has been charged with collision involving serious bodily injury stemming from a September 2023 wreck. According to the incident report, Kerns allegedly collided with a black Honda Civic on Pine Tree Road and fled the scene after causing significant damage. The driver of the Honda sustained a deep laceration on the back of his head. Longview Police Officer Rodney Smith tracked down Kerns using his driver’s license, which was found near the abandoned truck. Kerns claimed that the vehicle had been stolen, but his mother confirmed to the officer that he had been involved in the wreck and had fled.

In another case, Tonia Ola Allen, also known as “T Allen,” was indicted on a charge of driving while intoxicated, her third or more offense. Although her address is listed as Galveston, Allen has operated businesses in the Longview area, including a bar, restaurant, and catering service.

Additional individuals from Longview and surrounding areas have also been indicted for various offenses. Some of the charges include aggravated assault, assault of a pregnant person, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, unauthorized use of a vehicle, debit card abuse, and possession of controlled substances.

The indictments highlight the ongoing efforts of law enforcement in Gregg County to pursue justice and maintain public safety. It is crucial to remember that these indictments are accusations, and the individuals will have the opportunity to defend themselves and prove their innocence in a court of law. The legal process will determine their guilt or innocence, ensuring that justice is served.