Jeff Ruby’s Restaurants Faces Federal Lawsuit for Skimming Server Tips and Paying Non-Tipped Workers

CINCINNATI – The company operating Jeff Ruby’s restaurants is facing a federal lawsuit, accused of diverting money from the server’s “tip pool” to non-tipped employees. The lawsuit alleges that Ruby’s restaurants paid “tip pool employees” less than the federal and state minimum wage by utilizing the “tip credit” to meet their wage obligations. It further claims that the company failed to inform workers about this practice, as required. The suit also asserts that Ruby’s distributed “tip pool” funds to behind-the-scenes workers, including cooks and dishwashers, who were consequently paid less. On Tuesday, CEO Britney Ruby Miller addressed the lawsuit, emphasizing the company’s commitment to support its employees and expressing concern for the potential impact on future restaurant operators.

The former employee who filed the lawsuit had worked at Ruby’s in Lexington for a period of four years. Miller stated her confidence in the company’s defense, asserting that they would vigorously protect their interests.

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