Judge Abbe Fletman Takes on New Role Leading Philadelphia’s Commerce Court, Returning to Her Legal Roots

Philadelphia, PA – Judge Abbe Fletman has been appointed as the supervising judge of the commerce section in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. This move comes after Judge Nina Wright Padilla was elected as the president judge of the First Judicial District. Fletman, who has a background in practicing law in Philadelphia’s commerce court, expressed excitement about the opportunity, stating that it feels like going back to her roots.

The commerce section of the court handles commercial and business-to-business disputes, as well as class actions and motions related to confessed judgments. Fletman has been serving as the leader of the Complex Litigation Center for the past two and a half years, overseeing mass torts, non-jury cases, arbitration appeals, and real estate litigation. Judge Joshua Roberts will be replacing her in this role.

During Fletman’s tenure at the Complex Litigation Center, significant changes occurred in Philadelphia’s mass tort inventory, with the conclusion of several large programs and the emergence of four new ones. One of Fletman’s proudest achievements was her involvement in settling 7,500 Risperdal cases that constituted a major part of the court’s mass tort docket. Her approach focused on selecting cases for trial and adhering to trial dates.

In her new role in the commerce court, Fletman plans to incorporate her strategies from leading the complex litigation center. This includes forming working groups with members of the bar to complete specific projects and improve communication between the court and practicing lawyers. Fletman also intends to implement a more structured hearing schedule in the commerce court.

Despite the changes, Fletman emphasized that her main priority is to maintain the excellent programs already in place. She looks forward to fine-tuning the existing system and listening to the needs of the bar.

Overall, Fletman’s appointment as the supervising judge of the commerce section in Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas reflects her expertise in commercial disputes and her dedication to efficient and effective court processes.