Revolutionizing Community Spaces: How the 2024 ArchitectureAu Award Highlights Design’s Role in Social Impact

In the evolving landscape of architectural innovation, the ArchitectureAu Award for Social Impact, now in its second year, showcases the broadening impact of thoughtful design on society. Launched in 2023, the award underscores the burgeoning role of architecture not just in building structures, but in molding communities for the common good. The thrust of the 2024 awards focused keenly on the visionary potential to influence change on a national scale. Judges evaluated projects not only based on their immediate community benefits but also their ability to adapt and inspire similar outcomes across different settings and … Read more

Kelly Linger to Assume Role as Columbiana County Municipal Court Judge Starting July 23

LISBON, Ohio — Kelly Linger, a seasoned attorney with extensive experience in both prosecution and defense, has been appointed as the new judge of the Columbiana County Municipal Court. Set to start on July 23, Linger steps into a role vacated by former Judge Katelyn Dickey earlier this year. Governor Mike DeWine announced Linger’s appointment late last week, marking a significant move in the local judiciary. Dickey had left her position following a new appointment to the Seventh District Court of Appeals at the end of March. Linger, an assistant prosecutor and one of three … Read more

Justice or Lottery? Vital Role of Judge Assignments in Asylum Case Outcomes Highlights Inequities in U.S. Immigration Courts

Minneapolis, MN — In the sprawling halls of Fort Snelling immigration court, the fates of asylum seekers such as Fernanda from Ecuador hinge not just on their harrowing stories but also, significantly, on which judge hears their case. Fernanda, cradling her American-born baby, approached Immigration Judge Katherine L. Hansen with uncertainty, admitting her unfamiliarity with the asylum process. Meanwhile, a Mexican immigrant pleaded his case before Immigration Judge Monte G. Miller, apologizing for his illegal entry due to safety fears back home. The outcomes of these cases often depend starkly on the judge assigned. Data … Read more

Supreme Court Set to Announce Verdict on Purdue Pharma’s Role in Nationwide Opioid Epidemic

Washington, D.C. – In a ruling significant to the ongoing opioid crisis, the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to release its decision on the contentious bankruptcy case involving Purdue Pharma LP. This decision is expected to mark an important moment in the continuing legal battles tied to the opioid epidemic, an issue that has claimed over 750,000 American lives since hitting the nation’s heartland years ago. Purdue Pharma, the pharmaceutical giant behind OxyContin, filed for bankruptcy in 2019 as it faced a barrage of lawsuits. Plaintiffs accuse the company of aggressively marketing the prescription painkiller … Read more