Veteran Litigator Joins Motley Rice, Aims to Bolster Philadelphia’s Defense Against Corporate Negligence

Mount Pleasant, SC – Motley Rice LLC, a Mount Pleasant-based law firm specializing in class actions and multi-litigation practices, recently enhanced their team by hiring experienced litigator Mike Daly. Recognized for his extensive experience in handling mass torts, Daly joins the firm’s Philadelphia office committed to fighting corporate malfeasance through a focus on hazardous pharmaceuticals, defective medical devices, and environmental dangers including asbestos exposure. Daly, who previously cemented his reputation at Pogust Goodhead, explained in an interview the distinction between class action lawsuits and mass torts. Whereas class actions involve individuals representing a larger group, … Read more

Analyzing Philadelphia’s Mass Tort Programs: A Closer Look at Progress and Challenges

Philadelphia, PA – Over forty percent of Philadelphia’s mass tort programs are progressing smoothly, according to recent reports. These programs are aimed at addressing various lawsuits related to personal injury and product liability claims. The city’s mass tort programs are designed to expedite the legal process for large numbers of similar cases, ensuring efficiency and consistency in resolving these complex matters. One program that has been successful in Philadelphia is the Xarelto mass tort program. Xarelto is a popular blood thinner medication that has faced numerous lawsuits alleging severe bleeding complications. The mass tort program … Read more

Philadelphia’s Mass Tort Programs Face Impending Closure, Kicking Off a Wave of Legal Changes in the City

Nearly half of the mass tort programs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are slated to conclude this year, marking a significant shift in the legal landscape. These programs, designed to handle large numbers of similar lawsuits, have been instrumental in streamlining the litigation process and providing efficient resolutions for both plaintiffs and defendants. Mass torts, which involve multiple plaintiffs filing lawsuits against one or more defendants for injuries caused by a common incident or product, have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Philadelphia has been a hub for these cases, hosting numerous mass tort programs that specialize … Read more

Philadelphia’s Controversial Civil Rights Payouts: Outlier or Mass Tort in Question?

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – The City of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania has been making significant payouts to settle civil rights claims, sparking debates over whether these cases are outliers or a quasi-mass tort. Critics argue that the city’s trend of settling these cases at a high rate raises concerns about accountability and the need for systemic changes. In recent years, Philadelphia has faced a surge in civil rights lawsuits, with the city paying out millions of dollars to settle claims. These cases involve allegations of police misconduct, excessive use of force, and civil rights violations. The city … Read more