Judge Excludes Trump’s Legal Arguments in Defamation Trial Over Rape Allegation against Columnist

NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers will not be allowed to present legal arguments in the upcoming defamation trial regarding columnist E. Jean Carroll’s accusations of rape. This decision was made by Federal Judge Lewis A. Kaplan in preparation for the trial on January 16th, which aims to determine the amount of damages Trump will be liable for.

It was in May of last year that a jury awarded Carroll a $5 million verdict after concluding that Trump had sexually assaulted her in a luxury department store dressing room in 1996, as well as defamed her in 2022. Trump, while speaking at an event in Iowa, criticized Judge Kaplan and Carroll.

The defamation trial will solely focus on the issue of damages, and Trump’s legal team will not have the opportunity to present any arguments related to the underlying allegations of sexual assault. This ruling by Judge Kaplan sets a clear scope for the trial, preventing it from turning into a rehashing of the rape accusations.

The decision to separate the issues of rape and defamation in the trial ensures that the jury’s assessment of damages will be based solely on their conclusion regarding whether or not Trump’s statements about Carroll were false and harmful to her reputation. By limiting the scope of the trial, it allows for a more streamlined process focused on the monetary compensation Carroll may receive.

Carroll’s case against Trump has garnered significant attention, given both his high profile as former president and the serious nature of the allegations made against him. This trial will serve as a crucial chapter in the ongoing legal battle between the two parties.

In summary, former President Donald Trump’s lawyers will not be allowed to present arguments related to the rape allegations in the upcoming defamation trial brought forth by columnist E. Jean Carroll. The focus of the trial will solely be on determining the damages for defamation. This decision by Federal Judge Lewis A. Kaplan narrows the scope of the trial and ensures a more streamlined process. The trial carries significant weight due to the high profile of the parties involved and the seriousness of the accusations against Trump.