Governor Abbott Slams NYC Mayor over “Baseless” Lawsuit against Texas Busing Companies

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has filed a lawsuit against 17 Texas busing companies, seeking $700 million in damages. However, Texas Governor Greg Abbott believes that the mayor has targeted the wrong party and called the lawsuit baseless. Abbott argues that if Adams truly wants to combat the influx of illegal immigrants into New York, he should be suing President Joe Biden instead. The governor blames Biden’s policies for the large number of immigrants entering the country, which in turn leads to many of them heading to New York.

Abbott is confident that Adams will not succeed in his lawsuit, as he believes the immigrants in question have been authorized to be in the United States by the Biden administration. He even hopes that Adams will be required to cover the legal fees resulting from the lawsuit. This lawsuit is just one of two legal battles that Texas currently faces regarding illegal immigration, with the other lawsuit coming from the U.S. Department of Justice. The DOJ’s lawsuit challenges a Texas state law that deems crossing the border illegally a state crime punishable by imprisonment or deportation.

Adams’ decision to sue the Texas bus companies comes in the wake of his concerns about crimes committed by migrants. According to New York Police Department statistics, vehicle grand larcenies increased by 11.3% and felony assaults rose by 6.9% in October 2023. Adams has previously emphasized that major cities should not bear the burden of addressing national problems like illegal immigration. In fact, he joined other mayors in penning a letter to President Biden, requesting a meeting to discuss the migrant crisis.

The battle between Mayor Adams and Governor Abbott highlights the ongoing challenges surrounding illegal immigration in the United States. While Adams seeks financial compensation to cover the costs associated with housing and caring for foreign nationals, Abbott argues that the root cause of the issue lies with the federal government’s policies. As the lawsuits proceed, the outcome will determine the legality of Texas’ state law on border crossings and shed light on the responsibilities of cities in handling national problems.