Federal Judge Signals Trial Likely for Hunter Biden’s Felony Tax Indictment, Dismissing Defense Arguments

Los Angeles, California – A federal judge expressed doubt on Wednesday regarding Hunter Biden’s legal team’s arguments to dismiss his felony tax indictment, potentially setting the stage for a trial this summer. The judge, US District Judge Mark Scarsi, stated that he would reach a decision on the motions to dismiss the case by April 17. The three-hour hearing grew contentious as Hunter Biden’s lawyers clashed with special counsel David Weiss’ team. If the case proceeds, Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, would face two separate criminal trials in June, coinciding with the intensification … Read more

Vigilante Justice Unveiled: Closing Arguments Wrap Up in Baltimore Homicide Trial

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – A homicide trial reached its conclusion on March 15 in Baltimore City Circuit Court. The case involved defendant Keith Taylor, a 44-year-old individual facing charges of first-degree murder and firearm use in a felony violent crime. Assistant State’s Attorney characterized the case as one centered around vigilante justice. Representing Taylor was attorney Brandon Taylor, who defended his client against multiple charges including having a handgun on his person and possessing a firearm with a felony conviction. Taylor, the owner of Yasmeen’s Automotive, grew frustrated with street crime and frequently stayed overnight at … Read more

Father Accused of Murdering 4-Year-Old Son: Bigsby Murder Trial Reaches Closing Arguments and Jury Deliberation Stage

HAMPTON, Va. – The closing arguments and jury deliberation are set to begin in the murder trial of a man accused of killing his 4-year-old son and concealing his body before reporting him missing. The accused, whose name is Bigsby, allegedly committed the heinous act approximately seven months before filing the missing person report in Hampton. The trial has gripped the community with its shocking and devastating details. Bigsby stands accused of taking the life of his own child and attempting to cover up the crime. The prosecution has presented evidence and witnesses, painting a … Read more

Judge to Hear Arguments on Trump’s Motions to Dismiss Classified Documents Case

FORT PIERCE, Fla. – U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon will preside over the arguments regarding two of Donald Trump’s motions to dismiss the classified documents case against him. The hearing, scheduled for March 14, will allow Trump’s legal team and special counsel prosecutors to present their arguments on whether the charges against Trump should be dismissed based on the Presidential Records Act. They will also discuss the proposition that the main statute used against Trump is unconstitutionally vague with regards to presidents. Trump is seeking to have the charges against him dropped after being accused … Read more