Judge Glenda Hatchett Takes Former Georgia Sheriff to Court, Seeking Justice and Healing for Emotional Distress After Assault

MARIETTA, Ga. – Glenda Hatchett, also known as “Judge Hatchett” from television, is taking a former Georgia sheriff to court in a civil lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that Hatchett suffered emotional distress after being groped by the ex-sheriff two years ago. The former Bleckley County Sheriff, Kris Coody, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery last year before resigning from his position.

Hatchett filed the lawsuit in Cobb County’s state court last month, claiming intense emotional distress following the violation by Coody. The incident occurred at a Georgia Sheriff’s Association convention in January 2022. Hatchett said she was introduced to Coody at the convention. According to the lawsuit, Coody “poked” Hatchett in the chest and went on to grab her left breast, all while saying Bleckley County was “right in the heart of Georgia.” The assault allegedly took place in plain view of people nearby.

Former DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown, who invited Hatchett to the conference, testified in court stating that he had to physically remove Coody’s hand from Hatchett’s breast. Brown added that Coody appeared to be intoxicated. Hatchett described in the suit how the incident shattered her mental and emotional state. She claimed to have spent days unable to stop crying or get out of bed, feeling helpless and overwhelmed. Hatchett also stated that she sought therapy to address the persistent feelings of helplessness, sleeplessness, anger, and distress.

Hatchett emphasized that the lawsuit is a matter of principle and not about money. She expressed her intention to use any recovered funds to build a Boys and Girls Club. Hatchett also stated that, although she had the resources and understanding of the law to respond to the assault, it should never happen to anyone. Coody has already received a sentence of 12 months probation, 40 hours of community service, a $500 fine, mandatory classes, and a psychosexual evaluation.

The lawsuit mentions the Georgia Sheriff’s Association as another defendant. Hatchett claims that the association knew about Coody’s history of intoxication but failed to take reasonable steps to prevent a foreseeable assault. The suit seeks damages and a jury trial for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

This lawsuit highlights the ongoing issue of sexual assault and the emotional impact experienced by victims. It also raises questions about the responsibility of organizations to address and prevent such incidents. The outcome of this case could have significant implications for future cases involving similar circumstances.