Landmark Ruling: Judge Bars Sheriff from Fulfilling Official Duties

YORK, Nebraska – In a recent court ruling, a judge has declared that the county sheriff, John Doe, is prohibited from carrying out his duties within the community. This decision comes after an ongoing legal battle surrounding alleged misconduct and misuse of power. The ruling, issued on Thursday in York County, Nebraska, prevents Sheriff Doe from fulfilling his responsibilities as the county’s top law enforcement officer. The judge has stated that the sheriff’s actions have undermined public trust and compromised the integrity of the office. The controversy surrounding Sheriff Doe began when a series of … Read more

Thurston County Sheriff Calls Out Dangerous Fallout of Washington’s New Pursuit Legislation

Yelm, Washington – Following a series of high-speed pursuits that resulted in drivers evading police, Thurston County Sheriff Derek Sanders expressed his concerns about the state’s pursuit legislation in 2021. Sheriff Sanders took to social media to share a video of a black BMW traveling at approximately 120 mph while he attempted to pull it over using his emergency lights. The sheriff described the reckless behavior of the BMW driver, who was cutting off cars and brake checking them directly in front of him. According to Sheriff Sanders, the BMW is registered to an individual … Read more

Judge Glenda Hatchett Takes Former Georgia Sheriff to Court, Seeking Justice and Healing for Emotional Distress After Assault

MARIETTA, Ga. – Glenda Hatchett, also known as “Judge Hatchett” from television, is taking a former Georgia sheriff to court in a civil lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that Hatchett suffered emotional distress after being groped by the ex-sheriff two years ago. The former Bleckley County Sheriff, Kris Coody, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery last year before resigning from his position. Hatchett filed the lawsuit in Cobb County’s state court last month, claiming intense emotional distress following the violation by Coody. The incident occurred at a Georgia Sheriff’s Association convention in January 2022. Hatchett said … Read more

Legal Battle Looms as Birmingham City Jail Files Lawsuit Against Jefferson County Sheriff

Birmingham, Alabama – A lawsuit has been filed against Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Pettway following a contentious situation involving the Birmingham City Jail. According to court documents, several individuals arrested by Birmingham police officers for on-sight violations were turned away from the Jefferson County Jail in October 2023. The arresting officers were informed that Sheriff Pettway had implemented a policy only accepting inmates with a warrant issued by a Jefferson County magistrate. Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin and Chief of Police Scott Thurmond engaged in conversations with Sheriff Pettway, ultimately confirming the restrictive policy. However, after … Read more