South Carolina Court Clerk Steps Down Amidst Jury Tampering Investigation in High-Profile Murdaugh Trial

Walterboro, South Carolina – The court clerk currently under investigation for allegedly interfering with the jury in the high-profile murder trial of Alex Murdaugh has announced her resignation. Rebecca Hill, who served as the Colleton County Clerk of Court for four years, stated that it had been an honor to hold the position, particularly during the nationally publicized Murdaugh trial. During a news conference outside the Colleton County courthouse, Hill explained that her decision to resign was prompted by her reflection on the trial’s significance for South Carolina and the intense scrutiny it attracted from … Read more

South Carolina Clerk of Court Resigns, Opening Opportunity for Republican Candidates: Family and County Priorities at the Heart of Decision

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Clerk of Court for the Hampton County in South Carolina, Angie Hill, has announced her resignation, allowing Republican candidates interested in running for the position to step forward. Hill made her decision final on Monday, stating that her grandchildren played a crucial role in her choice to step down. This development comes amidst the notorious fall of attorney Alex Murdaugh, who went from overseeing his small county with authority to receiving a life sentence without parole for the murder of his wife and son at their luxurious estate. True crime shows, … Read more

Ionia City Clerk Highlights Voter Turnout and Challenges with New Election Laws in February Presidential Primary

IONIA, Michigan – Ionia’s clerk recently provided an update on the challenges faced by clerks due to new election laws during the February presidential primary. Mary Patrick, Ionia City Clerk, discussed the primary at the Ionia City Council meeting on March 6. Out of more than 5,000 registered city voters, a total of 705 ballots were cast. These included 390 absentee votes, 299 votes on Election Day, and 16 early voting participants over nine days. The cost of the election and the turnout were also discussed. In-person voting cost the city $0.50 per voter, while … Read more

Trailblazing Justice Thomas Engages in Controversy: Hires Clerk Amidst Racist Text Message Allegations

WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has hired a law clerk who was previously accused of sending racist text messages. The law clerk, whose identity has not been publicly disclosed, will aid Justice Thomas during the court’s upcoming term. The allegations against the law clerk were brought to light during background checks conducted by the court. While the content of the messages has not been made public, the accusations were apparently deemed serious enough to warrant an investigation. Ultimately, the investigation did not uncover any evidence to support the claims, leading to the … Read more