Connecticut Health Giant Faces New Antitrust Suit Over Alleged Price-Fixing, Blocking Affordable Care Options

HARTFORD, Conn. — A new wave of scrutiny surrounds Hartford Healthcare (HHC), spotlighting not only its health services but also its significant influence on Connecticut’s healthcare industry. The conglomerate, criticized for allegedly inflating healthcare costs across the state, now faces a third antitrust lawsuit. This latest legal battle aligns with prior court action from consumers and competing health systems, painting a complex picture of a healthcare giant purportedly leveraging its size to hinder competition and elevate prices. The lawsuit asserts that HHC monopolizes the healthcare market in several Connecticut regions, such as Meriden and Norwich, … Read more

Texas Judge Faces Removal Request Amid Intense Foster Care System Litigation

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — In a tense courtroom showdown, U.S. District Judge Janis Jack grilled top Texas child welfare officials, marking a peak in a long-standing battle over the state’s handling of its foster care system. The case, rooted in a class action lawsuit dating back to 2011, scrutinizes the care provided to thousands of children removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Judge Jack, who has presided over this sprawling litigation since 2011, has been a dominant figure in overseeing the reform of Texas’s foster care. Appointed to senior status in 2010, … Read more

Justice Department and Transgender Youth Challenge Alabama’s Gender-Affirming Care Ban, Citing Misrepresented Facts

MONTGOMMERY, Ala. — The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, together with transgender youth and their families, has challenged the factual basis of the Alabama attorney general’s motion for a prompt legal resolution in ongoing litigation over the state’s 2025 regulation that bans gender-affirming care for minors. This law, established in 2022, criminalizes the provision of puberty blockers and hormones to individuals under 19, alongside banning genital surgeries, which medical professionals confirm are not performed on minors in the state. The plaintiffs contend that the motion for summary judgment, a request to resolve a case … Read more

Family Sues After Rochester EMTs Allegedly Refuse Care, Leading to Man’s Death

Rochester, NY — A lawsuit has been filed against the City of Rochester and two emergency medical technicians (EMTs) following the death of a man who reportedly did not receive timely medical care when he needed it most. The lawsuit, filed by the family of the deceased, claims that the EMTs refused to provide the necessary medical assistance, which allegedly led to his untimely death. According to court documents, the incident occurred on May 21, when police responded to a call at the man’s home. Upon arrival, officers found the Rochester resident in a distressed … Read more