Alec Baldwin’s Legal Team Urges Dismissal of Rust Manslaughter Charges, Claiming Innocence

Los Angeles, CA – Lawyers representing actor Alec Baldwin have filed a motion seeking the dismissal of manslaughter charges against him in relation to the shooting on the set of the film “Rust.” The incident resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and the injury of director Joel Souza. Baldwin’s defense team argues that there is no evidence linking him to any criminal intent or negligence, and therefore, the charges should be dropped. The court documents presented by Baldwin’s legal representatives maintain that the actor did not have any knowledge that the firearm he … Read more

Actor Alec Baldwin’s Lawyers File Motion to Dismiss Manslaughter Charges in ‘Rust’ Shooting, Citing Prosecutorial Misconduct

SANTA FE, New Mexico – Lawyers representing actor Alec Baldwin have filed a motion to dismiss manslaughter charges against him in the 2021 fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during the filming of the movie “Rust.” The motion alleges prosecutorial misconduct and seeks to terminate the trial set for July 10. Baldwin’s defense lawyers argue that the charges against him are an abuse of the system and a violation of his rights. They claim that prosecutors have dragged Baldwin through a cesspool of improprieties and have failed to present exculpatory evidence to the grand jury. … Read more

Father of Oxford High School Shooter on Trial for Involuntary Manslaughter: Jurors Deliberate on Verdict

OXFORD, Mich. – The trial of James Crumbley, the father of the Oxford High School shooter, is currently underway. Jurors are deliberating on the charges of involuntary manslaughter against him, in connection with the tragic deaths of four students in November 2021. After both sides rested their cases on Wednesday, March 14, jury deliberations began in the afternoon and are set to resume on Thursday morning. The trial has been closely followed, with livestream coverage available to the public. James Crumbley is accused of failing to take steps that could have prevented his son from … Read more

Breaking: Jury Handpicked for James Crumbley Trial on Charges of Involuntary Manslaughter

OXFORD TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN – A jury has been selected for the trial of James Crumbley, who is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the school shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan. This high-profile case has garnered significant attention and raises important questions about accountability and school safety. The jury selection process involved careful consideration of potential jurors’ ability to be impartial and fair in evaluating the evidence presented during the trial. Oxford Township, a close-knit community located in Michigan, was left devastated by the tragic events that unfolded at the local high … Read more