Kansas City Chiefs Superfan Denied Transfer to Oklahoma for Robbery Trial Due to Prior Escape, Federal Judge Rules

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (AP) — A federal judge has denied a Tulsa prosecutor’s request to have a Kansas City Chiefs superfan returned to Oklahoma to face charges of robbing a credit union. Xaviar Michael Babudar, also known as the Chiefsaholic, is currently in custody in Oklahoma and awaiting trial on federal indictments of bank robbery and money laundering. The Tulsa District Court had issued a writ of habeas corpus to have Babudar transported to Oklahoma for upcoming court proceedings, but the judge cited Babudar’s previous escape from custody as a reason for denying the request.

Babudar, 29, gained notoriety as a Chiefs superfan on social media due to his wolf-like Chiefs attire at games. Authorities believe that he committed a series of bank robberies and credit union heists in 2022 to fund his attendance at Chiefs games home and away. The charges in Tulsa County specifically relate to the alleged robbery of the Tulsa Teacher Credit Union. After posting bail, Babudar was ordered to wear an ankle monitor, which he subsequently cut off to escape Oklahoma. He was later apprehended by federal authorities and indicted on federal charges.

The federal prosecutors opposed Babudar’s transfer to Oklahoma, expressing concerns that he may not return to federal custody in a timely manner for trial. Meanwhile, Tulsa prosecutors have issued a $1 million arrest warrant for Babudar.

The judge’s decision to deny the prosecutor’s request takes into account Babudar’s previous escape from state custody and the timelines of both the federal and state cases. Babudar’s trial is scheduled for April 29.