Kansas City Officers Team Up for Enhanced Security at GOP Convention in Milwaukee Following Recent Threats

Milwaukee, Wis. – A significant dispatch from the Kansas City police and Missouri State Highway Patrol is en route to Milwaukee, aiming to bolster security at the upcoming Republican National Convention. In light of recent threats, including a harrowing incident involving former President Donald Trump, local and national law agencies are ramping up efforts to safeguard the event. The republican gathering, scheduled for July 15-18, will be under tight security as Kansas City officials travel over 500 miles to Wisconsin. The event, set against Milwaukee’s backdrop, will be at the helm of the GOP’s activities, … Read more

Kansas Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Rights, Strikes Down Stricter Provider Regulations and Second Trimester Procedure Ban

TOPEka, Kan. — In significant rulings on Friday, the Kansas Supreme Court invalidated a set of state laws that held abortion clinics to more stringent standards than other medical providers, and a law that prohibited a certain late-term abortion procedure. These decisions underscore the state constitution’s provision of abortion rights, signaling more robust protections than previously anticipated by the conservative-dominated state Legislature. The court’s 5-1 decision repeatedly affirmed that personal autonomy, protected under the Kansas State Constitution, extends to a woman’s right to end a pregnancy. This principle guided the court in both recent cases, … Read more

Kansas Ushers in Sweeping Reforms with 101 New Laws Starting July: Child Welfare, Cybersecurity, and More

Topeka, KS — Kansas has ushered in a significant legislative shift with the enactment of 101 new laws starting Monday, as announced by Gov. Laura Kelly and state lawmakers. These regulations, part of a broader tally of 113 statutes passed this year, span a wide array of issues from child welfare reforms spurred by tragic incidents to innovative responses to modern problems like cybersecurity threats. A notable advancement is the establishment of a permanent independent office of a child advocate, created in response to the tragic death of five-year-old Zoey Felix of Topeka. The bill, … Read more

Kansas Newspaper Publisher Sues Officials Over Violation of First Amendment Rights in Controversial Raid

Marion, Kansas – The publisher of a Kansas newspaper that was raided by police in August is now taking legal action against the officials involved, accusing them of violating the paper’s First Amendment rights and retaliating against it. The controversial raid on the Marion County Record’s newsroom and the home of its editor and publisher, Eric Meyer, sparked concerns from press and free-speech advocates nationwide. Meyer is claiming that the stress caused by the raid led to the sudden death of his mother, Joan, who co-owned the paper with him. Multiple Marion officials have since … Read more