Longest Delay in Mountain Home Drug Sale Case: Proceedings Continued for 15th Time as Defense Lawyers Seek Confidential Informant Details

Mountain Home, Arkansas – The drug sale case of Amanda Lynn George continues to face multiple delays and cancellations, with the most recent trial date being postponed for the 15th time. Public Defender’s Office lawyers, who represent George, have consistently requested continuances, causing frustration for all parties involved.

In the latest twist, a jury panel was assembled, ready to hear the case, when an attorney from the Public Defender’s Office requested a conference in chambers before jury selection began. After a 45-minute discussion, Judge Putman announced that an issue had arisen, preventing the trial from proceeding that day, and the prospective jurors were sent home. Judge Putman intends to set a new date for the trial in the future.

Thursday’s delay appears to stem from a dispute over when defense attorneys received the criminal record of the confidential informant involved in the alleged drug sale. Last year, Prosecutor David Ethredge notified Assistant Public Defender Clifford Sward that the requested information regarding the informant was available for inspection in his office. However, defense attorneys believe they did not receive it in a timely manner.

This case, which stems from a drug sale that allegedly occurred 1,052 days ago, has faced numerous setbacks. The trial was originally scheduled to begin on January 8, but it was postponed to Thursday to allow a retired state crime lab technician to testify. The technician is responsible for conducting tests on the drugs involved in the alleged sale.

During a hearing on the motion to continue the trial, the defense objected to the postponement, arguing that it would deny George justice and lead to prejudice. However, Judge Putman disagreed and granted the state’s request for the continuance.

According to the probable cause affidavit, George was arrested after selling 3.5 grams of methamphetamine to a person working with law enforcement. The sale was arranged through a confidential informant, who informed the Mountain Home Police Department and the 14th Judicial District Drug Task Force about the arrangement.

This is not the first time George’s case has faced complications. In late October of last year, the trial was called off due to George’s tardiness, resulting in her being briefly jailed on a failure to appear warrant. Additionally, she was expected to take a plea deal at one point but decided to change lawyers instead.

In conclusion, the drug sale case involving Amanda Lynn George in Mountain Home, Arkansas has seen multiple delays and cancellations due to continuance requests and logistical issues. The trial, originally scheduled for January 8, has yet to take place, leaving this case unresolved for over three years.