Co-Defendants of Former President Donald Trump Seek Dismissal of Charges in Classified Documents Case

FORT PIERCE, Fla. – Defense attorneys representing two co-defendants of former President Donald Trump in a classified documents case are seeking to have the charges against them dismissed. Trump’s former valet, Walt Nauta, and Mar-a-Lago property manager Carlos De Oliveira are accused of conspiring with Trump to obstruct an FBI investigation into the hoarding of classified documents at the Palm Beach estate. Both defendants have pleaded not guilty. During a Friday afternoon hearing, the lawyers for Nauta and De Oliveira will argue their case before U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon. The defense is requesting that … Read more

NYU Professors Seek Inclusion as Defendants in Lawsuit, Citing Threat to Academic Freedom and First Amendment Rights

New York, NY – Three professors at New York University are seeking to be added as defendants in a recently filed lawsuit that accuses the university of mishandling incidents of antisemitism on campus. The professors believe that the definition of antisemitism being used in the lawsuit could impede academic freedom and violate the First Amendment. By intervening in the case, they hope to address these concerns. The lawsuit, originally brought forward by three Jewish students, did not initially include the professors as defendants, but two of them were later named. One of the professors, Andrew … Read more

Relatives Seek Justice and Compensation in Grievous Tempe Train Collision: First Lawsuit Heard in Athens Court

Athens, Greece – The Athens Court of First Instance heard the first lawsuit from the relatives of a victim of the tragic Tempe train collision. The collision, which took place on February 28, 2023, was the deadliest rail disaster in Greek history, claiming the lives of 57 people and injuring many others. The lawsuit seeks compensation of 240,000 euros per plaintiff, totaling over 1 million euros for the five relatives. It is expected that more relatives will also pursue legal action to find some moral vindication through compensation. During the court hearing, Epaminondas Bouras, a … Read more

Apple and Drake Seek Exclusion from Lawsuit Over Astroworld Tragedy as Trial Approaches

Houston, Texas – Apple and rapper Drake have filed motions seeking to be excluded from the lawsuit filed by victims of the 2021 Astroworld tragedy. The motions were filed in Harris County’s 11th Civil District Court and come as attorneys work to determine who is responsible for the deadly concert that killed 10 people and injured others. As the first trial approaches in May, the plaintiffs and defendants, including Travis Scott, Live Nation, and ASM Global, are preparing for a courtroom battle with their expert witnesses. All parties involved in the case are under a … Read more