Rebel Wilson Fights Back Against Producers’ Defamation Lawsuit, Asserts Truth in Fiery Defense

Los Angeles — Rebel Wilson has struck back at producers of the movie “The Deb,” dismissing their defamation lawsuit as baseless and asserting that on-set evidence and crew support bolster her case. The lawsuit, filed by producers Amanda Ghost, Gregor Cameron, and Vince Holden, alleges that Wilson made unfounded and damaging claims about their conduct during and after filming. Wilson took to Instagram to defend herself, sharing her side of the story with behind-the-scenes imagery and heartfelt messages that illustrate her close relationship with the crew. She claims these images capture the positive atmosphere on … Read more

Alec Baldwin’s Trial Day Two: Defense Questions Weapon Supplier’s Relationship with Investigators

SANTA FE, N.M. — During the second day of Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial in New Mexico, proceedings intensified with the actor’s defense team scrutinizing the investigation surrounding the fatal shooting on the set of the movie “Rust.” Defense attorney Alex Spiro focused heavily on the handling of live ammunition that was inadvertently loaded into Baldwin’s revolver, which led to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The trial saw Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer allow the prosecution to present statements previously made by Baldwin, illustrating his experience with firearms and blank rounds. This is pertinent as … Read more

Jury Deliberates as Man Self-Represents in Arizona Church Arson Trial, Citing Biblical Defense and Unfair Treatment

TUCSON, Ariz. — The trial of Eric Ridenour, who stands accused of arson targeting two local churches, has reached a critical juncture as jurors commenced deliberations after days of dramatic courtroom testimonies and fervent closing arguments. Ridenour, representing himself in court, faced allegations of setting ablaze St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and First Presbyterian Church in Douglas last year. Prosecutors aimed to cement his guilt with video evidence and eyewitness testimonials which suggested his presence at the crime scenes. Authorities recounted the sequence of events where surveillance footage purportedly captured a blue Pontiac Aztec, consistent with … Read more

Senator Menendez’s Lawyer Claims Bribery Case Ends Now in Spirited Court Defense

NEW YORK — In a spirited closing argument in a New York courtroom, the defense counsel for Senator Bob Menendez sought to dismantle the federal government’s bribery case against him, firmly telling the jury that the allegations should meet their end. Over the course of the nearly two-month trial, Menendez, alongside two New Jersey businessmen also implicated in the case, has maintained a plea of not guilty. The defense attorney, Adam Fee, delivered a robust critique of the prosecution’s charges, asserting that they lacked substantial merit. This dramatic appeal occurred as the trial neared its … Read more