Minnesota Attorney General Seeks $3 Million in Unpaid Wages in Landmark Lawsuit Against Evergreen Acres Housing and Dairy

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has taken legal action against Evergreen Acres Housing and Dairy, seeking compensation of nearly $3 million for unpaid wages, unlawful deductions, and civil penalties. Ellison alleges that the company has deprived dozens of employees of their rightful pay, with each individual losing an average of 12 to 32 hours of wages in every two-week pay period. This lawsuit marks one of the largest wage theft enforcement efforts in the state’s history, according to Ellison’s office.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Stearns County District Court, focuses on the alleged wage theft committed by Evergreen Acres Housing and Dairy. The company has yet to respond to the legal proceedings. Ellison’s office aims to secure financial restitution for the affected workers and hold the company accountable for its actions.

Wage theft, the unlawful withholding of employees’ wages or benefits, is an issue that has garnered attention nationwide. It not only deprives workers of their hard-earned income but also undermines their financial stability. Government officials and labor advocates have been working to combat this problem, implementing policies and pursuing legal action to protect workers’ rights.

Attorney General Ellison’s decision to pursue this case highlights the significance of addressing wage theft and ensuring that workers are compensated fairly for their labor. By seeking substantial restitution and penalties, Ellison aims to send a strong message that such workplace violations will not be tolerated in the state of Minnesota.

This lawsuit serves as a reminder for employers to fulfill their legal obligations and treat their employees ethically. It illustrates the need for increased labor rights enforcement and the importance of empowering workers to assert their rights. Fair employment practices not only contribute to a healthier and more equitable workforce but also lead to stronger economies and communities.

In summary, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has filed a lawsuit against Evergreen Acres Housing and Dairy, demanding nearly $3 million in unpaid wages and penalties for wage theft. This action underscores the ongoing efforts to combat wage theft and protect workers’ rights. The lawsuit is one of the largest enforcement actions in the state’s history, and it sends a clear message that employers must act responsibly and ethically by ensuring fair compensation for their employees.