Exploring the Impact of Pay Transparency Laws in Minnesota: Insights and Compliance Strategies Revealed in Latest Podcast Episode

Minneapolis, MN — Sweeping strides in legislation are affecting the landscape of pay transparency, with Minnesota and other states recently passing measures set to reshape how businesses disclose compensation. These laws promise to pioneer new standards in labor and employment practices, promoting equity and accessibility in the workplace. The ninth episode of GT’s Labor & Employment Podcast, “Asked and Answered,” sees host Kelly Bunting and expert Mikaela Masoudpour dissecting the nuances of these early pay transparency laws. Masoudpour, noted for her breadth of knowledge in the equal pay realm, provides insights gathered from her extensive … Read more

Major Victory for Hearing-Impaired Inmates in Minnesota: Settlement Ensures Equal Access to Prison Announcements

Minneapolis, MN – A legal settlement announced recently will usher in a significant change for inmates with hearing impairments at Minnesota prisons, ensuring they receive the same critical information as their hearing counterparts starting July 1. This development addresses longstanding issues of accessibility and rights within the prison system. The settlement, reached between Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid’s Minnesota Disability Law Center and the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC), aims to enhance the living conditions of deaf and hard-of-hearing inmates by ensuring they receive announcements currently broadcast over facility public address systems. These announcements, which include essential … Read more

Minnesota Man Found Guilty in Fatal Tubing Attack on Wisconsin River

HUDSON, Wis. – A 54-year-old man from Minnesota has been found guilty in the death of a high school student and the stabbing of four others who were tubing on a river in western Wisconsin. Nicolae Miu was convicted of first-degree reckless homicide, four counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety, and one count of battery. The jury in the Wisconsin circuit court reached the verdict on Thursday. The sentencing date has yet to be determined (The Associated Press). The incident occurred in late July 2022 along the Apple River in St. Croix County, near the … Read more

Minnesota Legislature Takes Action to Reform Property Forfeiture Laws in Response to Supreme Court Ruling

St. Paul, Minnesota – The Minnesota Legislature is poised to pass new property forfeiture laws in response to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year that declared the state’s current system unconstitutional. The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in the case of Tyler v. Hennepin County found that the county violated a woman’s constitutional rights by selling her forfeited property for more than the amount she owed in taxes and keeping the surplus. Earlier this year, the state agreed to pay a settlement of $109 million to resolve class action lawsuits filed on behalf of Minnesotans … Read more