Minnesota Man Found Guilty in Fatal Tubing Attack on Wisconsin River

HUDSON, Wis. – A 54-year-old man from Minnesota has been found guilty in the death of a high school student and the stabbing of four others who were tubing on a river in western Wisconsin. Nicolae Miu was convicted of first-degree reckless homicide, four counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety, and one count of battery. The jury in the Wisconsin circuit court reached the verdict on Thursday. The sentencing date has yet to be determined (The Associated Press). The incident occurred in late July 2022 along the Apple River in St. Croix County, near the … Read more

Minnesota Legislature Takes Action to Reform Property Forfeiture Laws in Response to Supreme Court Ruling

St. Paul, Minnesota – The Minnesota Legislature is poised to pass new property forfeiture laws in response to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year that declared the state’s current system unconstitutional. The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in the case of Tyler v. Hennepin County found that the county violated a woman’s constitutional rights by selling her forfeited property for more than the amount she owed in taxes and keeping the surplus. Earlier this year, the state agreed to pay a settlement of $109 million to resolve class action lawsuits filed on behalf of Minnesotans … Read more

Minnesota Considers Making Swatting Calls a Felony Offense Amid Rise in Fake School Shooting Reports

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Lawmakers in Minnesota are considering a proposal that would make swatting calls, a dangerous and wasteful act, a felony offense in the state. Swatting involves making a fake call to emergency services in order to elicit a response, often from a SWAT team, at another person’s house. The proposal, authored by Rep. Lisa Demuth, the GOP Minority Leader, aims to specifically target those who make swatting calls to the homes of elected officials, judges, prosecuting attorneys, correctional facility employees, or peace officers. Under current Minnesota law, it is already a crime … Read more

Gun Control Advocates Rally at Minnesota State Capitol in Support of Stricter Firearm Regulations

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — A rally is scheduled to take place at the Minnesota State Capitol on Tuesday afternoon in support of stricter gun laws. This comes in response to the recent fatal shooting of two police officers and a firefighter paramedic in Burnsville, which spurred the introduction of proposed legislation two weeks ago. The rally aims to garner support for two bills that advocates hope will become law. One of the bills proposes a requirement for gun owners to store their guns and ammunition separately. However, opponents argue that this requirement is illogical and prevents … Read more