Moms Demand Action Rallies for Stronger Gun Laws in South Carolina, Fights Against Proposed Lax Firearms Regulations

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Activists from the Moms Demand Action (MDA) group convened at the state house on Wednesday morning, advocating for changes to South Carolina’s gun laws. The organization strives to enact stronger regulations and close loopholes that pose risks to families, as stated on their website.

Currently, South Carolina law permits anyone with a concealed weapons permit (CWP) to legally carry a handgun, openly or concealed, in public spaces. To obtain a CWP, individuals must be at least 21 years old, undergo a background check, and receive basic firearms safety training. MDA’s goal is to maintain these requirements.

Patty Tuttle, the leader of MDA’s South Carolina division, highlighted a bill in the Senate that proposes eliminating the concealed weapons process. If passed, this bill would allow individuals aged 18 and above to openly or concealed carry handguns in public without undergoing background checks or receiving any training on firearm usage.

Advocates for the bill argue that it would enhance safety within communities. Lexington Republican Representative RJ May asserted that states that have implemented constitutional carry laws have experienced a decrease in shooting deaths and violence, which also fostered a more welcoming living environment.

Gun safety advocate Tisa Whack, who tragically lost her only child to gun violence, has joined the effort to raise awareness about firearm safety. Whack expressed concern about the dangers posed to her community, herself, and law enforcement when individuals carry guns without proper training and certification.

Richland Democratic Representative Jermaine Johnson, who lost his brother to gun violence during his youth, emphasized the personal nature of this issue for him. In his current role, he advocates for responsible gun ownership and the implementation of gun laws to prevent others from enduring the pain of losing loved ones.

The constitutional carry act is set to be debated during this legislative session.

In summary, Moms Demand Action activists in South Carolina are rallying for stronger gun laws and tighter regulations. They aim to prevent the elimination of concealed weapons permits, which is proposed in a Senate bill. Supporters argue that constitutional carry laws would increase community safety, while opponents express concerns about the lack of training and background checks for individuals carrying firearms in public. The outcome of this debate remains uncertain as it moves forward during the legislative session.