Rebel Wilson Fights Back Against Producers’ Defamation Lawsuit, Asserts Truth in Fiery Defense

Los Angeles — Rebel Wilson has struck back at producers of the movie “The Deb,” dismissing their defamation lawsuit as baseless and asserting that on-set evidence and crew support bolster her case. The lawsuit, filed by producers Amanda Ghost, Gregor Cameron, and Vince Holden, alleges that Wilson made unfounded and damaging claims about their conduct during and after filming. Wilson took to Instagram to defend herself, sharing her side of the story with behind-the-scenes imagery and heartfelt messages that illustrate her close relationship with the crew. She claims these images capture the positive atmosphere on … Read more

Daytona Beach Church Fights Back After City Forces Closure of Vital Food Pantry, Lawsuit Filed

Daytona Beach, Florida – A small congregation in Daytona Beach finds itself at odds with the city’s zoning regulations, leading to the shutdown of its food pantry. Led by Pastor Ben Figueroa, the Seventh Day Baptist Church of Daytona Beach had been operating the pantry every Wednesday, providing assistance to hundreds of community members. However, the city cited a violation of an ordinance and forced the pantry to close its doors. Feeling powerless, the church is now working with attorney Chobee Ebbets to challenge the city’s decision in court. Ebbets, representing the church pro bono, … Read more

Woman Fights for Abortion Rights in NC, Urges Support for Biden Reelection

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Amanda Zurawski, an advocate for abortion rights, embarked on a tour across North Carolina to campaign for the reelection of President Joe Biden and to advocate for federal abortion protections for women. Zurawski shared her personal experience in Texas, where she suffered from sepsis due to a lack of medical intervention following a miscarriage. During her tour, Zurawski visited major cities in North Carolina including Durham and Charlotte, where she engaged in discussions with doctors and voters. The primary objective of her campaign was to ensure that North Carolina maintains accessible abortion … Read more

New Orleans Rapper BG Fights to Stay on Supervised Release Amidst Permission Controversy

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – Attorneys representing Christopher Dorsey, better known as the New Orleans-born rapper BG, have requested that a federal judge allow the artist to remain on supervised release. Dorsey was recently arrested for allegedly violating the terms of his release from federal prison. In court filings on Friday, Dorsey’s lawyers argued that he had official permission to perform alongside prominent musicians, contradicting authorities’ claims. The arrest was prompted by a probation officer’s allegation that Dorsey failed to obtain clearance to perform at a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside rapper Lil Boosie in … Read more