Nevada Man Indicted by Grand Jury for Shocking Attack on Clark County Judge during Court Hearing

LAS VEGAS (AP) – A grand jury has indicted a man from Nevada on charges of attempted murder and other crimes for attacking a judge during a court hearing. The incident, which was captured in a viral video, occurred on January 3 when Deobra Redden leaped over the bench and assaulted Justice Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus. Redden was appearing in court for sentencing in a separate case at the time.

According to reports, Redden was indicted on nine charges related to the attack, including attempted murder of a victim over 60 years old, battery on a protected person, and extortion by threat. The indictment came while Redden was on probation after being arrested for attempted battery with substantial bodily harm in 2023.

During the attack on Judge Holthus, Redden allegedly pulled her hair and slapped her. Multiple other people, including a deputy marshal, were injured while attempting to restrain him. In the aftermath, Redden was sentenced by Judge Holthus to serve 19 to 48 months in jail for the attempted battery charge.

Defense attorney Ladonna Daniels, who is Redden’s sister, suggested that his actions were triggered by a plea for freedom, rather than being premeditated. Redden’s sister and foster mother have also revealed that he suffers from schizophrenia and was not taking his medication at the time of the incident.

Redden’s arraignment for the recently indicted charges is scheduled for February 29 in Clark County District Court.